Cross Toyota Wildlander has broken a new record implementation

Кросс Toyota Wildlander побил новый рекорд реализации

The beginning of the implementation of the new mid-size SUV Toyota Wildlander took place in April of this year. The experts of the portal “New cars” during the analysis of the market found that in July 2020 dealerships were able to sell about 10 thousand of such copies, a record level since the start of the appearance of cars on the market.

Plus Wildlander was the second top-selling crossover SUV of the brand in China, behind only the Toyota RAV4 SUV. It is noteworthy that the role of the donor model for Toyota Wildlander was used RAV4 fifth generation. The difference is only in appearance. In particular, the novelty gave other bumpers, optics front light and the lights in the back. Also Toyota Wildlander was larger in size. At length the novelty is released in 4 665 mm, the width is 1 855 mm, height is 1 685 mm, and the size of the base wheels – 2 690 mm.

To complete the Japanese model uses a two-liter engine, issuing 171 horsepower. In addition, the range of engines and a hybrid powerplant that includes an internal combustion engine of 2.5 liter and electric Assembly, General clutch release force which reaches 222 “horses” is paired with stepless variator.

As an option for off-road model has three versions of four-wheel drive systems: DTC, when torque is redistributed between the axles automatically, DVT – design, there are two Electromechanical coupling involving the rear wheels, as well as innovative E-Four, suggesting the presence of a second electric machine on the rear axle.

The list of features Toyota Wildlander are indicated: camera visibility 360 degrees, intelligent cruise control, the option of running the power unit with a button, assistant emergency emergency braking, half electronic dashboard, the tailgate with electric drive, a stylish glass roof, the interior with leather.