Cruelty is revealing the truth about animal testing in the cosmetic industry

Social networks bring to consumers greater information about brands and their products. Methods of a number of them during its production are terrifying.

Жестокость: Раскрыта правда об испытаниях на животных в косметической индустрии

Now revealed truth about animal testing in the Western cosmetic industry. Often, they are accompanied by real violence.

However, we have turned to a campaign to ban such experiments on defenceless creatures.

The world has studied the results of around 100 million experiments on animals. This does not apply to testing only dogs. Here and cats, and fish, and rodents, and monkeys.

Often the tests that is carried out in the cosmetic industry, lead to premature death of the subject.

Some experiments lies in the fact that the newly invented substance rubbed them into the skin or splashes into the eye without anesthetic. The goal is to test the body’s reaction to a new tool and check the appearance of side effects.

Often animals are forced to inhale the smell of new substances.

As a rule, animals that were conducted such experiments, then killed. To do this, use gas, lethal injection or other ways.

That is, in the cosmetic industry of the West, they are just a disposable commodity.

A number of well-known manufacturers have already launched an initiative that consumers cosmetic wonder products what kind of company they acquire. No eye shadow or lipstick is not worth the cruelty in which animals remain with blind eyes.

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