Cry and look: the winner of “the Bachelor-10” is still wearing the ring from max

Плачь и смотри: победительница «Холостяк-10» по-прежнему носит кольцо от Макса

Dasha Ulyanov does not remove a diamond ring, which gave her the Bachelor.

The project “the Bachelor-10” ended, and passion around the relationships the characters do not cease. Yesterday Max Mikhailyuk for the first time commented on the split with Dasha and sex with another participant of the reality. Meanwhile, the winner of the show lives his life: enjoying the freedom, the beginning of the summer and popularity.

In his Instagram the winner of “the Bachelor-10” Dasha Ulyanov has published fresh photos, ironically signed “Cry and see”. In the picture the girl looks very attractive, partly because of changes in appearance and plastic surgery. And yet, as noted by its subscribers, Dasha continues to wear a gold ring with diamonds for 65 thousand, which was presented to Max at the end of the show.

On the question of the spectators of the reality, why Dasha wears the ring, she said, “Just don’t want to shoot, I really like it”. The reaction of the subscribers were mostly positive – many girls supported the position Ulyanova.

“That’s right, waste not, want not”, “not take it off! To be continued, you two! What you drive, you may not be alone”, “Well, it rightfully belongs to Dasha, she was obliged to return after the break, Max you’ll get on a Charter flight to carry on the island with your boyfriend”, “I also ring the former wore very long time. I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to deprive yourself of this pleasure. Relationship – one gifts – other”, write in the comments under the post Dasha.

By the way, one of the spectators show “the Bachelor” has put forward an interesting suggestion, why Mikhailyuk Max and Dasha Ulyanov broke up. In her opinion, the reason may be that the Bachelor living in the United States and invite a girl just so he wouldn’t be able – for this you need to formalize the relationship.

“Girls, I understand that Max lives in Miami, and there’s a city of great booze and not uncommon frivolous lung relationship. Also there’s a bunch of models that would like to catch on and build a relationship. Max to call someone in America, you have right to marry in 90 days, to sign easements. Why? If local ladies a bunch. So you had a good time on the set and flew, songbird) Need to understand the American hands, not illusions,” wrote one of podeschi Dasha in Instagram.

Whether so it actually, we can only guess.

Photo: Instagram Dasha Ulyanova.

Плачь и смотри: победительница «Холостяк-10» по-прежнему носит кольцо от Макса

Плачь и смотри: победительница «Холостяк-10» по-прежнему носит кольцо от Макса