CryEngine flexes its muscles – video demonstration of ray tracing in real time from Crytek

CryEngine играет мускулами - видеодемонстрация трассировки лучей в реальном времени от Crytek

For developers conference GDC 2019, the company Crytek has prepared a fresh demonstration engine CryEngine. This time the emphasis is on ray tracing in real time – technology, which is a lot of talk in recent months.

A demo called Neon Noir. In the spotlight – a police drone in a futuristic city. Night, neon lights, rain – ideal conditions to show off the reflections on raytracing! To highlight the advantages of the trace Neon Noir does not use screen space reflections effect, which is used to create reflections on the current generation of devices.

Technological basis – CryEngine 5.5 and its ability called Total Illumination. Experimental ray tracing from Crytek does not depend on the API or iron, so can be run on most popular GPUs and NVIDIA. The proof Neon Noir was drawing in real-time on AMD Vega 56.

Along with this, the company stresses that will optimize your raytracing so that he took advantage of the latest generation graphics cards and APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

So far, retracing from Crytek is not available to ordinary developers – about when the technology will be implemented in the public version of the CryEngine, I’ll tell you later.