Cryptocurrency NEM introduces the upgrade of the Catapult and takes off to the stratosphere

Криптовалюта NEM внедряет обновление Catapult и взлетает до стратосферы

While all cryptocurrency community has seen the bitcoin and Ethereum that are showing growth (Ethereum continues its steady March upward, reaching $265) – NEM (XEM) almost doubled its value and reached $0,1249 in Asian markets.

The coin now occupies the seventeenth place in the ranking CoinMarkettCap?? with the current market value of $980 million At the time of writing, the pair XEM/USD is trading at $0.10 and lost position from intraday high marks on the background of technical correction. It should be noted that since the beginning of the week, the price of coins grew and Monday nearly doubled.

Although the overall improvement in sentiment of the cryptocurrency market is probably the main factor of growth coins, there are some special events that could create a powerful impulse for the coin.

So, NEM Foundation has released its upgrade Catapult, embodying the changes, which should make the platform more user-friendly.

Implemented new features update for Catapult 1 – namespace and mosaic. These changes will make NEM more convenient and attractive,

the company wrote in its official Twitter account.

The announced update the namespace and mosaics, which represent strategic areas blockchain platform, should make the system more flexible and functional to meet the needs of corporations.

Catapult 1 is based on the achievements of his previous iteration, adding new innovations in the technology of the blockchain. His focus is on scalability, but Catapult will bring General improvements on the platform NEM. The next update in the namespace and the mosaics will be convenient for users

– said in an official statement.

Currently NEM/XEM is supported by the weekly moving average SMA50 at $0.0923. Once it is cleared, the downward trend will gain momentum with the subsequent focus by $ 0.09 and $ 0.0844 (the previous high). On the other hand, we need to see a sustained move above $ 0,12 to get the chance to experience the weekly SMA200 at $ 0,1305.