Cuphead ported to the Tesla cars is the game really like Elon musk

Cuphead портируют на автомобили Tesla - игра очень нравится Илону Маску

In March Cuphead along with the announcement of the start Switch on the Nintendo lost exclusivity on platforms from Microsoft, and today the game remains without exclusivity on gaming platforms as such – it will be released on the Tesla! To be more precise, on the integrated display dashboard.

The news site IGN, the podcast to which popped the head of Tesla and the hero of numerous memes Elon Musk (Elon Musk). He announced that Cuphead will be released on cars Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X before the end of this summer and will include only the first world, Inkwell Isle. The rest of the game does not fit due to the limited drive of the Tesla.

Musk recently wrote on Twitter that his team brings the Unity engine running on Cuphead, a system of their vehicles. According to Executive producer and artist Studio developer MDHR Maya Moldenhauer (Maja Moldenhauer), a version for the Tesla already looks great and works smoothly.

Moldenhauer also stressed that the authors were delighted with the sentence of the Mask. When porting, there were two main conditions: the game should give a high and stable framerate, as well as to have accurate control. Because of the second reason to play Cuphead , the Tesla can only use the gamepad – touch screen support will not.

“We are working on Cuphead, – shares his impressions of the game Mask. – [Developers] help us to make it work. It’s a cool game. It would be insanely difficult. She is sadistically difficult. She twisted the plot. It’s dark. It is like some cute little thing from Disney, but you are: “This story is very dark””.

Machine Tesla previously received as “Easter eggs” set of classic games for the Atari, including Asteroids, Lunar Lander and many others. They can play using the touch screen and USB controller, but only when the car is in parked mode, the last true for Cuphead.