Curiosity. Melitopol Deputy is afraid to get worms and coronavirus because of the wipers (photo)

Курьез. В Мелитополе депутат боится заразиться гельминтами и коронавирусом из-за дворников (фото)

Elections on a nose and it already felt at the requests of some deputies of the city Council. Sometimes, in the hopes of starting a PR in order to please the voters, they reach the point of absurdity. So, the Melitopol city Council received a very strange request from a local MP from the faction PVA Vladimir Rybchenko. Servant of the people complaining about the janitors who clean the streets, parks and squares in the city in the morning too carefully. The MP believes that during cleaning in the air can rise worms, bacteria and even the new coronavirus to infect pedestrians.

Melitopol in recent years, much has changed. City streets and squares every year becoming more comfortable and cozy. Besides, melitopoltsy noted that the city has become much cleaner. Wipers in summer since 5 in the morning begin to sweep the streets and squares. Moreover, the road early in the morning pour water to minimize dust. Sidewalks are cleaned with the help of German emergency vehicles with hydration.

But MP Vladimir Rybchenko found the topic for PR. He decided to blame the janitors that they endanger the “affluent voters” when the clean the streets at 8 am, as, according to the Deputy, can infect the melitopoltsy coronavirus, bacteria and helminths. In all seriousness Vladimir Rybchenko put his thoughts on paper and sent in a complaint with the Secretary of the city Council Roman Romanov:

– Roman Viktorovich, I ask You to recommend masters Egimbaev and Morozov to adjust the schedule of street cleaning so that it provides the ability to move people around the city so that people are not subjected to unwarranted risk of infection by worms, bacteria and coronavirus, including. In Europe, it is done at a time when the minimum of people, and not just when the spot filled our dear taxpayers (voters) – referred to in the letter.

Specific addresses where the Deputy wipers stop, he does not indicate in the letter. But it requires to understand.

The Director of KP Purity Vladimir Morozov said that in the summer, the wipers operate from 5 am in the Central streets of the city and, as a rule, 8-9 am, go to clean side streets.

Mechanical podmetali work with moisture. The dust they raise. At night, when Parking lots are no cars, we clean driveways pockets on the roadway, and in the afternoon the sidewalks. The sidewalks the night to clear can not, since the technology will prevent people to rest, – the Director of KP Purity.

It is obvious that with the approaching elections, the deputies, in order to draw attention to themselves, they will write more and such queries. When real cases are not, have to stoop to clowning. Maybe it will still work.

Курьез. В Мелитополе депутат боится заразиться гельминтами и коронавирусом из-за дворников (фото)

Курьез. В Мелитополе депутат боится заразиться гельминтами и коронавирусом из-за дворников (фото)