Curiosity of the day: American ate a banana for 120 thousand dollars at Art Basel in Miami

At the international art fair Art Basel Miami was sold to a French collector a banana, which is taped to the wall. The cost of this art project designed by Maurizio Cattelan is 120 thousand dollars! However, the event happened a funny thing, when the artist David Datong also decided to present its performance “starving artist” and ate a banana.

Video in which David Datong went to the wall of the exhibition and ate a banana, sold for 120 thousand dollars, went viral online. It was published the American artist on his page in instagram.

Author Maurizio Cattelan called his art “Comic” (Comedian) – banana taped to the wall with a piece of opaque tape. But the fate of the banana is determined David Datong, which is in front of a crowd of visitors ate the fruit, calling himself a “Hungry artist”.

I can eat a banana, and its concept, because I’m an artist, not an ordinary man,
– the man said.

In signing the man also added that he likes the work of Maurizio Cattelan and the fact that it “was delicious”.

It is unknown what the consequences of hudojnika after his decision to eat a banana from the exhibition Art Basel in Miami, but the video shows that the representatives of the Museum, this act did not like.

“It’s very silly,” says in the video, an employee of the Museum, which was shocked.