Curiosity Rover conveyed to Earth his next selfie: photo

Марсоход Curiosity передал на Землю свое очередное селфи: фото

The surface of Mars studying two spacecraft-InSight and Curiosity. Last few days ago made a “selfie” and gave the Land.

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This the Curiosity Rover made on October 12. Photo NASA did with the camera on the manipulator.

What about Curiosity? The Rover for 8 years exploring the Red planet. He was sent from Earth on 26 November 2011 on the rocket Atlas V 541. On the surface of Mars he settled in August 2012. The Rover has traveled more than 21 miles and sent to Earth 610 thousand pictures.

In September 2018 the Rover is experiencing technical problems, so his mission was in jeopardy. And in November he resumed his work.

Марсоход Curiosity передал на Землю свое очередное селфи: фото

New selfie of Curiosity

Mission. One of the tasks of Curiosity is the study of climate and Geology of Mars. In particular, it collects data that scientists will postliberal ever favorable environmental conditions for the existence of life.

This Rover has transferred some analyses of soil samples, which confirmed the assumption that on Mars could be water. Thus, scientists can better understand conditions on the red planet and, in theory, to prepare for the expansion of Mars.

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