Cut content and fixed 790 bugs – fan patch for Dragon Age: Origins

Вырезанный контент и 790 исправленных багов - фанатский патч для Dragon Age: Origins

Until BioWare makes a new Dragon Age, and journalists gather nuggets of information about her, fans of the first part does not cease to return to their favorite game. So, for quite some time there is a patch for Dragon Age: Origins, which date fixes 790 bugs and restores cut content.

The patch is Qwinn”s Ultimate DAO Fixpack – download it on the Nexus Mods website. Its first version appeared in June 2017, and since then it has been continuously updated. The last update was relatively recently – in November 2018.

The Creator of the modification claims that his patch tries to fix all ingame errors in the dialogues, quests, scripts, and plot, and also fixes most of the problems related items. However, the patch will not go into the original intent of Dragon Age: Origins – for example, it doesn’t change combat mechanics and better graphics.

In addition, the patch finds the game’s cut content, which is consistent with the rest of the game, and returns it. According to the author, the developers cut elements due to the lack of time or money. Among the raised features is the ability to turn Morrigan the apostate, three different reactions to the breakup with Morrigan and Zebrano, a chance to show mercy to Mandar Das and more.

The mod author adds it has no plans to make similar patches for all subsequent parts of Dragon Age, including the addition for the first game. If only BioWare will not begin to pay him for it and will not open encryption.