Cutie Watson in the latest trailer for the Apex Legends, which is reminiscent of the second season starts today

Милашка Ваттсон в свежем трейлере Apex Legends, который напоминает - второй сезон стартует сегодня

Today, July 2, kicks off the second season of Apex Legends. Perhaps the main of the upcoming new products – a new legend by the name of Wattson. Respawn Entertainment has dedicated cute (and deadly!) the girl, who was able to harness the power of electricity, fresh trailer.

The beginning of the history of the character from the official site reads:

Natalie Watson of Packet know well at the Games Apex, but for somewhat different reasons than most of the fighters. As the daughter of the chief electrical Games, she studied the mysteries of energy flows, to spend more time with his father, but soon found his calling. Her agile mind is constantly jumped from one subject to another, but the power is always “grounding” him. An electrical current obeyed the clear unbreakable law, unlike the rest of the world.

Skills of the character:

• Tactical ability “Perimeter protection” – electric barriers, dealing damage and slowing enemies.

• Passive skill “spark of genius” – fully charges specimena, and nearby Park and ride post faster recharges your tactical ability.

• Spicemania “Capturing post” – electric generator, destroying the exploding shells in flight and regenerating shields.

Details about Watson and other additives of the second season here.