Cyberpolice exposed group, which sold non-existent cars

Киберполиция разоблачила группу, которая продавала несуществующие автомобили

In Dnipropetrovsk region the cyber-police have identified a group of seven attackers, who sold non-existent cars. The defendants have placed online ads about selling cars at a lower cost or on credit on behalf of well-known companies and official distributors, reported the press service of the National police on June 24.

According to investigators, the main condition of vehicle sales were prepaid in the amount of 30% of the value of the car. Cash buyers have listed the defendants controlled the account or transferred to the office of the members of the group. Such offices have been opened in the river, Pavlograd, Kamenskoye and Berdyansk.

“The office staff assured customers of the legitimacy of conclusion of contracts of purchase and sale of vehicles, the forms of which were made directly in these offices. After payment is received, the attackers come up with different reasons for delay of delivery. Then disappeared and opened new offices,” – told the police.

The criminal group operated from February 2019. Previously it is established that the defendants defrauded more than 150 people totaling about 12.5 million.

Police conducted 15 searches at offices and the places of residence of members of the group. Computer equipment was seized, letterheads, signed fictitious contracts, print payment cards.

Five participants were detained in order St. 208 (Detention authorized official) of the Criminal procedure code. They announced on suspicion under part 3 of article 28 (Commission of crime by group of persons, group of persons by prior conspiracy, an organized group or a criminal organization), part 4 St. 190 (fraud) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The question on election of a preventive measure.