Cybertuck or a cottage on the island: what can you buy instead of the Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Recently a new computer from Apple – Mac Pro (2019) – officially went on sale. It is not currently available in Ukraine, but the full value of its top-end configuration in the US is shocking – 59 647 dollars (1 413 000 hryvnia).

Included is an Apple Mac Pro (2019):

  • Personal computer 52 $ 599;
  • The Apple Pro Display for 5 $ 999;
  • It added a special stand for $ 999;
  • Brand trackpad – $ 50.

For this money you can buy a lot. If you have “extra” 59 647 dollars (or 1 413 000 UAH) and wondering what they can invest, Techno 24 picked up a few interesting alternatives.

What can you buy instead of the Apple Mac Pro (2019)

  • For example, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in Kiev. Apartment in Pechersk district of the capital can be purchased for 1,440 thousand.
  • Another interesting alternative – a new electropop from Tesla – Cybertuckthat Elon Musk introduced in November. However, while it is still impossible to buy – it will go on sale not earlier than 2021. Basic modification of such a machine will cost 39 $ 900 (i.e. 956 600 hryvnia at the current exchange rate).
  • If you’re a fan of water types of transport, please note on the yacht. Model yacht Bayliner Cuddy VR5O, which was used in Ukraine can be bought for 1 180 820 UAH.
  • Or it is better to purchase property on the island of Chios (Greece). It’s much nicer to spend time by the sea than at the computer. Cottage on Chios can be found for 180 1 822 UAH.
  • More impressions you can get in space. And for the money is quite real. NASA already selling tickets to the International space station for 829 120 hryvnia. The first such tourist flight is scheduled for 2020.
  • And finally, we offer you to become a shareholder in Apple. One share of the company can be bought for 6 UAH 348 per share. But for 647 59 dollars you can buy 222,5 shares.

Cybertuck или коттедж на острове: что можно купить вместо Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Cybertuck или коттедж на острове: что можно купить вместо Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Is the Apple Mac Pro (2019) can be bought and many other things

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