Daddy’s CC: Ivan Urgant showed 11-year-old daughter

Папина копия: Иван Ургант показал 11-летнюю дочь

Ivan Urgant has shared a rare photo of his eldest daughter, Nina.

Ivan Urgant tries not to make a show of our family life with Natalia Kiknadze. But if we are talking about birthdays native, Ivan always pleases the audience with their rare photos. It happened the other day, because his eldest daughter Nina is 11 years old. In this day presenter posted a rare photo of the girls, showing how much she has grown and changed.

Fans immediately began to comment on photos and to congratulate Nina with her day. Not left without attention of members and the fact that it grows an exact copy of his father. Really, they are very similar!

Photo: Instagram Ivan Urgant

Папина копия: Иван Ургант показал 11-летнюю дочь