Daily consumption of traffic by subscribers WILL increased by 30%

Потребление дневного трафика абонентами ВОЛЯ выросло на 30%

On March 16, the company observed an increase in daily traffic is 30%.

And in the “peak hours” on weekdays, up to 17% compared with February over the same period. Bandwidth consumption business customers HoReCa fell by 33%, and online business increased equivalent according to the data-center WILL.

The rapid growth of daily traffic does not affect the quality of services, since the network is designed based on the maximum load, which comes mainly from 19:00 to 22:30. As of March 30, consumption growth was 17% as compared to the total traffic in all cities during times of maximum load.

This is due to the fact that most companies have moved to remote work and uses streaming services for communication. Despite the fact that the load on the network beyond the planned, engineers WILL constantly monitor the situation and prevent the overloading of networks.

Problems seen in the B2B sector, which works closely with HoReCa. This business, like hotels, restaurants, travel industry, shopping center, more vulnerable to the negative effects of quarantine and, as a result, the consumption of traffic dropped by 33%. Along with the data-center WILL, on a 29% increase in the traffic business, whose activities are related to online educational services – webinars, trainings, and online shops and hosting services.