Daily Mail: China has claimed that the virus in Wuhan came from “superesportes”

Daily Mail: Китай утверждает, что вирус в Ухане появился из-за "суперраспространителя"

According to Chinese Center for control and prevention of diseases, the market for wild animals in the city of Wuhan soon became a victim of coronavirus, not the cause of its spread, reports the Daily Mail.

“Genetic data have confirmed that the virus originated in Chinese bats, and the man passed through the “interim pet”, but the exact place of transmission of the virus is unknown. Earlier, Chinese authorities reported that the first cases of infection were recorded in the local market of wild animals in Wuhan, – reports the newspaper. But the study sold there animals eliminates this theory: all the specimens of animals sold in the market were negative for the COVID-19, which means that they could not infect the customers.”

“It now appears that the market is one of the victims,” said Gao Fu, Director of the Chinese Center for control and disease prevention in a radio interview.

“According to Colin Carlson, a zoologist from Georgetown University, an outbreak of coronavirus in the market for wild animals, probably resulted from the appearance there, “superesportes” when one person is infected the virus to many other people, the article says. – This information is likely to reinforce the rumors that the leaked virus from a Chinese research laboratory for which they spoke, including the President of the United States Donald trump, who said that he saw evidence that he began his movement from the Virology laboratory. However, both American and Chinese researchers say that, in support of this theory, there is no evidence”.

“Most of the 41 original case COVID-19 reported to who in December, was connected with the market (…) in Wuhan. This has led to the closure of the wild animal market January 1 – however, it is reported that on April 14, the majority of the 3,600 stores were re-opened”, – the newspaper reminds.

“However, the scientists from Harvard, mit and the University of British Columbia investigated four samples from the market of wild animals and found that traces of the virus were “99.9 percent” identical to those which were taken from the patient from Wuhan. This suggests that the virus detected in the samples were transferred either infected visitors or sellers that “indicates that Sars-CoV-2 was brought onto the market people.”

“Publicly available genetic data do not indicate interspecies transmission of the virus in the market”, – said Alina Chan, a molecular biologist, and Shing Jang, an evolutionary biologist who participated in the study.

“This study reinforces the work published by a group of Chinese researchers in January, which showed that the first man who had confirmed a coronavirus probably been identified already December 1 and developed symptoms on 8 December. “Patient zero” – the first person who actually contracted COVID-19 in Wuhan has not been identified, but authorities believe that it could be a 55-year-old man from Hubei province, infected November 17. This suggests that the virus is quietly spread among the people all over the Wuhan for a few weeks until “superesportes” on the market”, writes the Daily Mail.

(…) Dr. Carlson said Live Science that the idea that the market of wild animals became a source of coronavirus, has become a “useful narrative”, but the evidence in support of this was never convincing. (…) The finding that none of the animals on the market, samples of which were taken, was not discovered coronavirus, has led to the theory of superesportes. (…) According to Dr. Carlson, it may take some time before we know exactly which animal caused the transmission of the virus from bats to people, or even when it happened – to exclude one place, it took months. (…) “It takes time, he stressed. The study, which in fact have definitely shown that SARS came from bats, was published in 2017 “, 15 years after it first broke out SARS”.

“It took so much time to pass through the caves, to examine samples and gather evidence, so we could safely say: “It was Taka-toy bat, in a cave, at this time,” said Carlson.

“The concern about the origin of the virus, partly due to the lack of information or contradictory nature, has led to allegations of concealment and that he “created man”, – the newspaper reminds. – U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said earlier this month that there is growing evidence that it was the beginning of the pandemic. Pompeo has accused China of spreading misinformation through the claim that there is evidence that the virus originated in the laboratory. He called COVID-19 “Wuhan virus”.

“(…) The idea that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory even led to the fact that Donald trump suggested that it could impose a tariff in the amount of $ 1 trillion as compensation for the pandemic. The laboratory is located near the market of wild animals that have been identified as the probable epicentre of the outbreak that occurred late last year. However, the President did not disclose evidence confirming his suspicions, when asked about this reporter.”

“These proposals were challenged by researchers in China and beyond”, – the newspaper specifies.