Dairy estuary in two months returned to its shores and is ready to spawn (video)

Молочный лиман за два месяца вернулся в свои берега и готов к нересту (видео)

Today is exactly two months from the date of opening of the ravine, connecting the Molochny Liman to the sea of Azov. The striking changes that have occurred to the pond today visible to the naked eye. Lyman returned to its shores and gradually it revived life.

Yet the depth of the reservoir has not reached the maximum values, but the process is. According to forecasts, in March, the estuary will once again be flowing in its waters to spawn, will drop the fish.

Good news from a reservoir shared by the Director of the Priazovsky national Park, Dmitry Volovik.

“Today, two months of the discovery of the pothole. A huge number of projections, assumptions and outright fakes splits on one fact: Molochny estuary filled.

Buna keep the wind at 32 m/s without any consequences. The channel began to work in BOTH directions. Any significant slyvania sand track channel is not fixed. The salinity in the estuary dropped to the optimum (in the most part of the reservoir) to 26 ppm. Accounts of the shooting indicate the presence of life in the environment. What all of You and congratulations!!!!,” – D. Volovik writes on his Facebook page.