Dakar 2019 – KTM keeps the brand: Toby Price has become a two-time champion in the category of MOTO

Дакар 2019 - KTM держит марку: Тоби Прайс стал двукратным чемпионом в категории МОТО

18th consecutive victory on the rally-marathon “Dakar” was brought to the Austrian factory KTM Australian motorcycle racer Toby Price won the 10th stage and in General classification! Pablo Quintanilla lost his chance to win after a fall.

RACING.RU, January 17, 2019 – Fate of the Golden Tuareg, the main award of the “Dakar” is really decided in the last day. But Husqvarna have managed to defeat Big Brother – KTM – fight: Pablo Quintanilla, released at the start of the final stage of the 2nd made a mistake at the beginning of the spec. station and crashed at full speed right in front of teammates at KTM Factory Racing. The Chilean suffered multiple bruises, a mild concussion, and still continued the race. However, he lost in the accident over 8 minutes, during which Toby Price and Sam Sunderland have gone far ahead.

Price, not reducing the pace at a gallop rushed to the finish line, issued under the curtain of the race a magnificent victory. He was ahead by 2 minutes 21 seconds rookie of the factory team Honda Cornejo Florimo, as well as his teammate at KTM, the champion of Dakar-2018 Matthias Walkner. Sunderland were in the third Protocol.

Andrew Short finished in СУ10 much earlier than his teammate on the factory Husqvarna team, and he was looking forward to the appearance of Quintanilla at the finish line: the American suddenly had a chance to still finish on the podium of “Dakar”! But Pablo managed to stay in front. Through the pain in shoulder and back after a fall, he drove to the end of СУ10 a 19-minute behind Toby price. In the amount of time the podium Husqvarna still missed this time – Price, Walkner and Sunderland – three factory KTM pilot took all the awards season!

Anastasia Nifontova, the first girl in the history of the rally “Dakar”, which managed to ride the entire route from start to finish without the “assistance”, i.e. any technical support from the team.

On СУ10 pilots class MOTORCYCLE run start in reverse order, so Nastia had completed the race an hour ago and still waiting for the final results.

Nifontova completed the Dakar-2019 at the 62nd position in the General, 9th in Original by Motul and the 3rd among women.

“Queen of the Dakar” Laia Sanz once again became the strongest girl in the race, this time becoming the 11th in the General MOTO, and 1st in the women’s standings.

Dmitry Agoshkov, also competing in the category of Original by Motul, unfortunately, the finish got: in SUPER 8, he began to fail the engine, and then the KTM tolyattintsy completely stopped.

The results of the Dakar rally, 2019 in the category MOTO:

1. Toby Price (KTM FACTORY TEAM) – 33:57.16

2. Matthias Walkner (KTM FACTORY TEAM) +00:09.13

3. Sam Sunderland (KTM FACTORY TEAM) +00:13.34

4. Pablo Quintanilla (HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING) +00:20.46

5. Andrew Short (HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING) +00:44.10

6. Xavier De Sultri (YAMAHA OFFICIAL RALLY TEAM) +00:54.00

7. Jose Ignacio Florio (HONDA TEAM) +1:08.06

8. Luciano Benavides (KTM FACTORY TEAM) +1:09.10

9. Oriol MENA (HERO MOTOSPORTS) +2:08.41

10. Daniel Nosila Yager (MEC HRC) +2:31.53

11. Laia Sanz (KTM FACTORY TEAM) +3:24.10

62. Anastasiya Nifontova (KTM) +28:49.18

Position in the standings, Original by Motul:

1. Edwin Straver

2. Arnold Bruce+4:18.23

3. Sjors Van Heertum +10:34.26

4. Mirko Pavan +12:04.43

5. Julian Jose Garcia +13:13.16

9. Anastasia Nifontova +16:55.10

16. Javier Alvarez Fernandez +58:09.01

Дакар 2019 - KTM держит марку: Тоби Прайс стал двукратным чемпионом в категории МОТО

Дакар 2019 - KTM держит марку: Тоби Прайс стал двукратным чемпионом в категории МОТО

Дакар 2019 - KTM держит марку: Тоби Прайс стал двукратным чемпионом в категории МОТО