Dakar 2019 – Sergey Karjakin: Thousands of comments and messages I received, I read personally

Дакар 2019 - Сергей Карякин: Тысячи комментариев и сообщений, которые получал, я читал лично

The fifth rally-marathon “Dakar” in the career of Sergey Karjakin did not go according to plan, but the finish is taken, and it is the Yekaterinburg values higher than the stage victory. And all the support that he received from the Russian audience – it gave the crew the strength and motivation to get to Lima even after the buggy pootletali wheels.

RACING.RU, 19 January 2019 – Change category, the transition to the SxS (Side by Side) for utilitarian double buggy promised good dividends: in this class there are not so many participants, teamwork gives you an advantage… and yet, the race has been severe. Even paired with Anton Vlasyuk to deal with all the fallen down problems managed barely.

In the middle of the race Sergey Karjakin by winning one of the stages, became the leader of the Dakar-2019, but the next day got into a big crash at full speed and flew off a steep dune and rolled over. Can-Am Maverick X3 managed to fix it, although were uprooted rods, wheel racks and other protruding elements of the chassis, dented the roof and frame. But even worse, there was a lot of internal injuries, which began to climb after.

After the 7th stage every day had to “drive” through the power, through the permanent fault in the engine and falling off the electronics. The finish took the 10th position.

“Of course, it’s not what we expected and what are the objectives we set ourselves, but I really learned a lot during this Dakar. This Dakar made me realize that we have more than victory, and for me it is much more important – I mean our fans who continue to believe in you even in the most difficult moments, – said Sergei Karjakin after the finish of the Dakar rally-2019 in Lima. Those thousands of comments and messages I received, I read them personally and they give me strength every day to deal with those difficulties which have occurred”.

“We had to fight, because the fate of course prepared us very tough Dakar and I can honestly say that I did not expect that the Dakar goes more difficult for me than my first Dakar, and this was what this is.”

“The first part of the marathon was quite optimistic from the point of view of results – a stage win and a podium on the stage talked about the fact that we are able to win, but then everything changed dramatically. Unfortunately this is racing and then it happens. With all this, I have friends who came to support me in Peru, and that’s really cool. This is something that can never be bought for money, will not take the credit, it just is what it is or not. And I am happy and proud that I have such a support group”.

“Your support gives me the strength to fight and move on. Believe me, we will win more than one race. I said I’d win the Dakar and I will keep my word. Class buggy we will definitely cope with it, for me it’s only a matter of time. For me it’s now a very responsible and difficult period to search for the budget for the Dakar 2020, and I will do everything possible to in the near future to raise the Russian flag on the podium of the Dakar”.

See you at Dakar-2020!

Дакар 2019 - Сергей Карякин: Тысячи комментариев и сообщений, которые получал, я читал лично