Dan Balan explained why still did not dare to marry: an impressive recognition

Дан Балан объяснил, почему до сих пор не решился на женитьбу: впечатляющее признание

Wednesday, February 6, Moldovan singer Dan Balan celebrated its 40th anniversary. The actor admitted that this age has never experienced true love.

A Frank recognition Dan Balan shared in the “high life”. According to him, in life he had many women, and world fame increased the number of fans, however, until now the Moldovan singer are not met that with whom would like to walk down the aisle.

“I feel that I have not had this great love, this. I’ve seen it in others, I read about it in books: as a woman maybe a man to raise to incredible heights and inspire! I have never had it before. I had autonomy: energy I itself went through life, he developed all the others. Those women that I had – it was all satisfaction of their own ego” – frankly admitted Dan Balan.

In an interview with the singer added that among his passions were many celebrities, but neither one of them wanted to start a family. So Dan is convinced that he had not deserved a special woman. Now, when the artist got rid of the superfluous in his life, he is ready for new feelings.

Beautiful, interesting, they were supertensile, but there was one that would now come, and I’m flying. I knew I had not met such a woman, because it doesn’t deserve. That is, I had to understand many things, to renounce the mud around that was in my life to deserve such a woman! And I very much hope that now I’m on the right track
– struck recognition of Dan Balan.

In addition, the singer said that marriage for him is a very serious step. Therefore, Dan Balan is in no hurry to put a stamp in your passport.

“I always knew it was very important to me. If I do it will be only once in life and must be real. I had feelings, I had a long-term relationship. All my experience with women has become a lessons for me. Each of them taught me something, and I probably also something taught. If you haven’t learned your lesson, then you’re given another person with another lesson… Until you reach what you deserve your a person you and give real happiness and development!”– added Dan Balan.