Dan Balan in the past: Tina Karol came out with a new man-a stranger

Дан Балан в прошлом: Тина Кароль вышла в свет с новым мужчиной-незнакомцем

Popular singer Tina Karol with a luxurious voice fans recently noticed in a society of new men. Upon closer inspection, the familiar stranger was the main producer of “Dancing with the stars” Vladimir Zawaduk. Photo appeared in the fan community. Now fans are wondering what the new project will be their favorite of Tina Karol.

You can read about it in popular fan public in Instagram.

Famous singer Tina Karol has a numerous group of fans. They collect literally all information associated with the star. All preferences related to the personal life, find a ready response in their environment.

Recently, Tina Karol sang a new song with singer Dan Balan. This lyrical song has strengthened rumors about the affair between Tina Karol and Moldovan artist. Carol tries to avoid questions about the novel and thereby giving a new food to rumors.

Quarantine time, Tina Karol has passed so fruitfully, she even had time to publish new photos to your account.

Fans of the star to publish these photos at home.

For example, Tina was photographed with Vladimir Sawadika. He is the main producer of the projects “Dancing with the stars” and “the Voice”.

The artist has chosen for this meeting knitted stylish sweater, dark red color. This color is amazing fits Karol.

Members of the public have long speculate that Tina will once again take the place of the judge program.

They believe that in addition to their favorite singer, no one will be able to keep the “Dancing with the stars.”

Дан Балан в прошлом: Тина Кароль вышла в свет с новым мужчиной-незнакомцем