Dancers struck a rousing tap under the “DakhaBrakha”: driving video – 24 Channel

Танцівниці вразили запальним степом під "ДахуБраху": драйвове відео - 24 Канал

Participants in the step group Flame Tap from Vinnitsa won the network a rousing dance performance to the song “Sho z-under the oak tree” famous Ukrainian ethno group “DakhaBrakha”.

A driving step performs two dancers – Yana Forest and Eugene Dudnik-Tanasukh. Girls dancing on the leaky bridge over a mountain stream.

Dance step group Flame Tap: video

The network of dancers have been getting compliments, and someone said that he was afraid that the bridge might collapse from the crazy movements.

Dance Jan and Eugene will perform at the world Championships in the Barrens in Germany in December this year, writes about this monument. “the Tower”. Girls also shared why he chose the “DakhaBrakha”.

“DakhaBrakha” is special to me artists. Very long wanted this music to dance, but I think that she’s too self-sufficient. The sounds of the steppe there is only the way. But we cut mnogogolosnoy (with all love and respect to the singers) and took only the background motif. Fast enough set. Music is inspiring,” said Yana Forest.

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