“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 the issue: the life drama of Helen Kravets and strip from MARUV

"Танцы со звездами 2019" 5 выпуск: жизненные драмы Елены Кравец и стриптиз от MARUV

Sunday, September 22, in the Ukraine died down 5 issue of entertainment project “dancing with the stars 2019”. This time the participants managed to touch the audience life stories and stunning performances. What will be remembered in a special broadcast – refer to the material LifeStyle 24.

On the eve of the 5 edition of the show “dancing with the stars 2019” the organizers of the project revealed that the theme of the evening was “the Year that changed life.” Before the speeches, the participants shared with the audience memories, many of which still have not appeared in the media. These stories embodied in the performances, which captivated not only the audience, but the celebrity judges.

Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich

Open live trusted Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich. Before the performance of the Odessa restaurateur told about the years when he lived in Lebanon. Then, during the fighting, he was on the phone with his girlfriend, who later became his wife. The connection was broken, and the Ukrainian believed that Daniel died. Then the man moved to Odessa and married.

The star couple, which is one of the favorites of the show, performed a Viennese waltz that left no one indifferent in the audience.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online statement of Daniel of Salem and Yulia sakhnevich

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdeva

TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk admitted that in 2017 radically changed his life. Then still unknown to the facilitator and English teacher offered to Eurovision. Vladimir Ostapchuk won the vocal competition and received worldwide fame.

On the floor he with Ilona hammer showed inflammatory folk disco. Vladimir Ostapchuk performed a complex support, which provoked applause from the audience.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online presentation by Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona hammer

Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar

Actress comic project “Diesel Show” decided to dedicate the production of his deceased colleague, Marina Poplavskaya. Victoria admitted that this terrible loss. she is still difficult to realize. She said everyone had lost loved ones, so the dance is also dedicated to everyone who will forever remain in our memory.

Celebrity couple danced a sensuous contemporary, which showed the transience of time. The show has touched everybody, but judges found flaws in the execution of the PA.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online report Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar

Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov

Athlete Anna Rizatdinova admitted that her participation in the Olympic games was a turning point in life. The fateful speech she was preparing for many years, so the victory was a real reward work gymnasts.

In an incendiary fusion of Anna and Alexander showed the preparations for the Olympic games. Rizatdinova showed their athletic skills, who criticized the judge.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online report Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov

Jiji and Jan Cybulski

Popular singer Jiji told me that once and could not even dream about the crazy fame. Growing up male in the village in the Lviv region and already noticed the special attention from his grandfather, a veterinarian, who was called Jiji. The alias artist subsequently borrowed and plunged into the world of show business, not listening to comments about the curiosities.

On the floor Jiji and Jan Cybulski danced the quickstep, which was not clever, but humorous.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online report Jiji Jane Cybulski

Alex Yarovenko and Elena Shoptenko

This pair for a long time I was thinking, what event influenced the life. Alex Yarovenko and Elena Shoptenko thought that both were born in the year of the Chernobyl tragedy. Series from HBO led the actor to memories. After the tragedy of his grandmother and aunt was diagnosed with cancer, the last one died from the disease.

The staging of Alexei and Elena was devoted to all who survived after the Chernobyl accident and participated in the liquidation of its consequences.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online presentation by Alexei Yarovenko and Alena, Shoptenko

Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat

Actress Ksenia Mishina, which is often accused of monotony, decided to radically change your image from “Fortress”. In the new issue she’s with Eugene the Cat danced a touching hip-hop, which a couple devoted to their family.

According to Ksenia Mishina, her life changed when she gave birth to a son Platon. The boy’s father did not want to participate in the upbringing of the child, so left the star when she was pregnant. Therefore, only the son helped Ksenia to achieve success and not give up.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view the online speech of Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the Cat

Elena Kravets Maxim Leonov

Always smiling actress Elena Kravetz decided to talk about 1995, when she joined the “Kvartal 95”. Then the star barely managed to convince men that they need to dilute your team woman. And although viewers saw a successful actress with no worries, actually Elena Kravetz suffered his drama and was seeing a psychoanalyst.

It is the trips to the specialist, the couple decided to show in an emotional tango. However, judges do not have enough skill and charisma.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online presentation by Elena Kravets Maxim Leonov

Michael Kukuk and Elizaveta Druzhinina

Actor Michael Kukuk was the victim of haters. A man repeatedly accused of winding of votes and unfair participation in the show. But in spite of all the persecution of every Michael the air goes to the floor and showcases performances by Elizabeth Druzhinina.

Incendiary cha-cha-cha Michael Kuchuk decided to dedicate to all the participants that judges put low scores.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online presentation by Michael Chukwuka and Elizaveta Druzhinina

Lyudmila Barbir and Dmitry Zhuk

Lyudmila Barbir admitted that in 2016 has survived what would. Mom presenter paralyzed, so for a long time she nursed her mother and realized how communication with family is important. Now mother Ludmila feels good, and the star devotes to the production of all mums.

On the floor, the pair danced the Foxtrot, which touched all the spectators.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online statement of Barbir Lyudmila and Dmitry Zhuk

MARUV and Jay

Shocking MARUV decided to tell the audience that went to his success of 10 years. The actress has been on hundreds of auditions and only after “the Voice” for the first time declared itself. In 2016 MARUV, despite the disappointing forecasts, undertook to conquer the foreign scene and went viral.

The performance of the pair was the last in the release. MARUV and Jay danced an erotic Striptease, much to the delight of criticism among men and women.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 5 issue: view online report MARUV and Jay

What about “dancing with the stars”?
This show, in which celebrities with professional dancers competing for the win. Their performances are judged and the audience, who vote for their favorite couple. In 2019 judicial seat was occupied by the prima ballerina Ekaterina Cook, the famous choreographer Vlad Yama and Francisco Gomez.

For the first time the “Dancing with the stars” on Ukrainian television appeared in September 2006 on television channel 1+1. Went 4 seasons, then the show is no longer aired. After a 6 year break in 2017, the legendary “Dancing with the stars” is back on the TV channel “1+1”. Then won the singer Natalia Mogilevskaya and choreographer Igor Kuzmenko. This was followed by another season where the victory was won by comedian Igor Lastochkin and choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva.