“Dancing with the stars” 2019: all the names of the judges and release date

"Танцы со звездами" 2019: все имена судей и дата выхода

Entertainment television project “dancing with the stars” 25 Aug 2019 will be released on channel “1+1”. And while fans are waiting for new participants of the show, the organizers called all the names of the judges.

In the new season of “Dancing with the stars” viewers will see again in the chairs of two judges – choreographer Vlad Yama and the ballerina Catherine Kuhar, according to the newspaper “KP in Ukraine”.

In the new season from me you can expect more truth. I, like last year, it is important to convey to participants an objective assessment of their dances. We all understand how the project is complicated physically and mentally. I think people should under all circumstances be able to listen to the views of judges and criticism because it is an integral part of the project
– shared his thoughts Vlad Yama.

"Танцы со звездами" 2019: все имена судей и дата выхода

Vlad Yama was the judge of “Dancing with the stars” 2019 / Instagram / @vladyama_official

At the same time, Catherine Kuhar said that is always on the side of the audience, so it’s sometimes a bit too demanding on the dancers.

In this project I have always and unconditionally on the side of the viewer who needs to get pleasure from the beautiful dance and the main dance shows in the country. When the dance is beautiful, when the whole country sees development and progress from ether to ether, I am ready to endlessly compliment a pair
– added Ukrainian prima ballerina.

"Танцы со звездами" 2019: все имена судей и дата выхода

Catherine Kuhar, became a judge of “Dancing with the stars” 2019 / Instagram / @ekaterinakukhar_official

And what about the third member of the jury, they will be world-famous choreographer from UK Francisco Gomez, who put the numbers for Madonna, Will.i.am, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and other Hollywood actors. Previously, he was the main choreographer on the British show X-Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice and America’s Got Talent. The organizers of the project “dancing with the stars” have released a striking video in which last year the judge MONATIK passes the baton to Pope Francis and invited him to take his place in the show.

I am very happy to return to Ukraine. For me it’s like a second home, a Ukrainian audience is my favorite audience. So I’m glad to participate in such a great project and enthusiastically waiting to begin live broadcasts. As always, from me only sincere impressions!,
promised excited and talented Francisco Gomez.

In addition to participating in the project, he promised another surprise for the Ukrainian viewers: “Much to tell yet I will not, but I will give a hint. Probably all have noticed, I love fashion. Well, it’s time to show Ukraine a couple of images. Or even more…”

"Танцы со звездами" 2019: все имена судей и дата выхода

Francisco Gomez became a judge of “Dancing with the stars” 2019 / Photo 1+1

What is known about the show “dancing with the stars”?This show, in which celebrities with professional dancers competing for the win. The dances are judged and the audience, who vote for their favorite couple. For the first time the “Dancing with the stars” on Ukrainian television appeared in September 2006 on television channel 1+1.

Went 4 seasons, then the show is no longer aired. After a 6 year break in 2017, the legendary “Dancing with the stars” is back on the TV channel “1+1”. Then the victory was won by the singer Natalia Mogilevskaya and choreographer Igor Kuzmenko. This was followed by another season where the victory was won by comedian Igor Lastochkin and choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva.