Dangerous Android virus has learned to circumvent two-factor authentication Google

Experts in the field of computer security have discovered a new type of virus that can steal one-time passwords generated by the security system of Google Authenticator. The vulnerability affects Android smartphones, which are used as a method of two-factor authentication Google.


The company ThreatFabric said about found, the algorithm is theft OTP codes in the latest versions of harmful virus Cerberus. The first Trojan was discovered in June last year and was developed specifically for the banking sector.

Using abuse of access privileges, the Trojan can steal the 2FA codes from Google Authenticator. The code is immediately sent to the remote management server belonging to the attackers
– said the representative of ThreatFabric.

Why is it important

App Authenticator Google introduced back in 2010. Its task is to generate random codes in the range from six to eight digits that are requested in the forms while trying to access online accounts. Therefore, the company decided to replace the traditional one-time passwords sent via SMS gateway.

And all because the method is similar to the generation of more reliable, because the program is installed on the user’s smartphone and it also generates a numeric combination that is not transmitted to the network.

According to experts ThreatFabric, the current version of the virus has not yet received a new functionality, but on underground hacker forums, is it aggressive advertising, where the possibility of interception authorization codes indicate the role of the key. Experts believe that its distribution will take place in the near future, what could be a significant threat to the banking sector.

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