Dangerous ballast: as the disturbance becomes a major problem for relations with the Ukrainian authorities trump

Опасный балласт: как Сытник становится главной проблемой для отношений украинской власти с Трампом

Sytnik is one of the largest stimuli in the Ukrainian-American relations. After a strategic victory when the Republican-controlled Senate thwarted the impeachment of the President of the United States and nullified the charges against him, Donald trump’s second presidential term has not separates anything. Under these conditions, the stay of Artem Sytnik Director of the NABU becomes the main headache of the Ukrainian authorities in relations with the United States.

Trump is as strong as ever. Undoubtedly, his victory in the U.S. Senate, he uses to strengthen its already strong position before the presidential election. “If the Senate Republican majority refused to punish him, impeach, he will get unlimited power,” suggested a democratic Senator Koons. And he was absolutely right. After all, trump not only defeated in the Senate – the main opponent of trump’s main rival for the presidency, Joe Biden, lost an important for the start of the campaign, the primaries in the first us state – Iowa.

Former Vice President Obama, who was considered the curator of Ukraine, came only in fourth place in the intra-party elections. Back in the spring with 40% rating, Biden lost everything because of vatrogasci scandals. We will remind, the son of the Vice-President of the USA hunter Biden joined the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma, owned by exministry Yanukovych Zlochevsky and suspected of tax evasion worth about 1 billion UAH. After the appointment Biden, Jr. to the position of the company criminal case against her was closed, and Prosecutor General Shokin that these cases investigated were dismissed. According to him, under pressure from then Vice-President Biden.

On hand to Trump and the economic situation in China, which led to an epidemic of coronavirus – markets crumble, the plants stop their work, stop traffic with the country. The Chinese epidemic of coronavirus can be a “black Swan” by 2020, which will affect the world economy more important than the financial crisis and recession of 2008-2009, writing in the weekly markets review Analytics Moody’s Analytics. It should be noted that this will impact primarily on the economies of Asia, Africa and Europe. And the relatively strengthen the position of the United States who have sufficient reserves of economic strength during the global financial crisis, is gaining momentum.

In a situation of political and economic dependence on the relationship with the “world’s policeman”, the USA, Ukraine should build its policy very carefully. And given the foolish attempts by some to play in the American policy in Ukraine that led to the situation with the announcement of impeachment of Trump, the American President pays special attention to the presence of its main enemies at positions in Kiev. And here comes to the fore Sytnik, the positions of which are extremely weak after confessing his corrupt decision of the Ukrainian courts. After trump won the situation with the impeachment, it is important for him to prove that Ukraine played up Clinton in her campaign against him, and if she did not directly intervene in the situation with Biden, it was at least tangential to it.

“I helped Hillary, we would benefit from her victory,” boasted Sytnyk during a holiday in a hunting Lodge in the Rivne region. These recordings circulated by the people’s Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt, became a real information bomb. “I also helped him, or rather not to him but Hillary… trump domestic issues dominated over foreign, and Hillary is one of those politicians that benefit America and the world. For us it would be better, but for Americans better what makes the trump,” confessed Sytnik. Also the Director of the IABU said that his body was sent to the USA data for “black accounting”, but they did not help Clinton. “The system clearly works. I when the “black accounts” investigated, we published data of Robert porter, who was jailed. But Trump’s “the drum”, it all works well there. For the Sunday of the elections, the FBI resumed its investigation of Hillary. So trump is a stretch, but won. I can’t understand why trump is fighting with the FBI, because if not for them, he wouldn’t have won,” – said Sytnik.

After the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine, the new government had to convince trump his loyalty to US and to dissociate themselves from amateurish political games rush and company. In the conditions of strengthening the already strong position of trump, in the context of the conflict US President with the sponsor of the Ukrainian “sorozat”, “new faces”, which relied in Ukraine, the previous government Democrats, the position of the disturbance became even more precarious. Moreover, main defender Sytnik, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was not just withdrawn from Ukraine trump in the political game against him, but resigned from the diplomatic service and left the state Department.

In these circumstances, Sytnik, which draws on the bottom all the Ukrainian-American relations is not just important – it becomes the main threat, Bankova attempt to build relations with the United States with a “clean slate” after Frank podygryvanii predecessors to the democratic candidate using the resources of NABOO. The chance to stay in the Director’s chair the anti-corruption Bureau from rush, who played in foreign policy, it seems, is no more.