Dangerous diseases can be distinguished by the smell: when do I need a doctor

Опасные болезни можно вычислить по запаху: в каких случаях нужно к доктору

Atypical, even pleasant odors emanating from the body suggests that the body that something is wrong. In our material contains the most hazardous cases in which should be cautious and immediately seek medical attention.

A sour smell of sour dough provokes the itch mite, which can develop in the setting of AIDS, tuberculosis, leukemia and other dangerous diseases. Comment – immediately to the doctor.

Wonderful honey scent exudes the people affected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This bacterium causes various diseases of the respiratory tract, meningitis, otitis, inflammation of the facial sinuses, provokes severe abscesses until sepsis. And this is fatal.

Fishy smell coming from sufferers of trimethylaminuria or gardnerellosis. In the first case this is due to a rare genetic defect when the body doesn’t release an enzyme responsible for the processing of by-products of digestion. And the second is to go to the doctor and PAP, and to exclude sex.

The smell of rotten apples gives acetone. This substance is abundantly formed from those who abuse low-carb diets or suffering from diabetes. The kidneys are not doing the acetone is excreted with the sweat, and the man leaves behind a trail of unpleasant odors. On diabetes need to get tested and be sure to balance the ration.

Ammonia smells from people who have stomach ulcers, kidney or liver failure. And that smell from those who drink too little water and, again, abuse low-carb diets.

The smell of cheese or “sweaty feet” isovaleric tells about acidemia. This is a rare, usually congenital disorder occurs in people in the body which do not produce an enzyme involved in metabolism. Most likely, you are one of them. Just wash your feet often to exclude all suspicion.

The smell of cooked cabbage may be due to tyrosinemia. The body lacks enzymes that break down certain amino acids, resulting in the tissues accumulate tyrosine, methionine and phenylalanine, which suffer from kidney, liver and Central nervous system.