Dangerous for the psyche: How harmful to teenagers access to guns, said the expert

Опасно для психики: Насколько вредит подросткам доступ к оружию, рассказал эксперт

Free access to the weapon forms of adolescent feel the school environment as unsafe, risk of depression and increases the negative impact on health, scientists believe.

The problem of shooting in schools is widely spread around the world and even in countries where the weapon is not in the free market.

This is evidenced by the frequent over the last 20 years the cases of gunshot attacks by teenagers on their peers and teachers. According to recent data, just over two months of 2018 in the USA happened 4 shooting incident in schools. Some of them not without fatalities. In Russia in 2018 is aware of 5 cases of shooting from the pneumatic weapon.

The experts note that access itself creates a situation that is dangerous for the psyche. Psychologists conducted a study according to which installed, when access to firearms in adolescents more freedom – they can carry it to school, to get out of the house is deteriorating as a social interaction, and mental state of students. The expert explained how harmful to adolescents access to guns.

Author Samantha Chung explained that even the mere presence in the house of the gun adversely affects the psyche. Teenagers who have had the opportunity at any time to get a gun from home, showed great signs of depressive disorders, anxiety, irritability, hurry were running out and harder to build relationships with their peers. However, she noted that a great importance is related to weapons schools. In those American schools, where access to weapons was a common occurrence, the negative impact on health has declined, and where it is banned, on the contrary, increased.

Experts do not deny that widespread access to guns is harmful, and this situation is really dangerous for the psyche. However, they take into consideration the complexity of its existence in society, taking into account the various nuances that are based on prevailing at a given location and cultural norms.