Dangerous properties of cucumbers: who can not eat them

Опасные свойства огурцов: кому нельзя их есть

We all know that cucumbers are useful, but their hazardous properties units know.


In cucumber contains a lot of potassium. Therefore, the vegetable is useful to control the pressure. But a lot of potassium is very harmful. Can develop hyperkalemia.


In cucumber a lot of water. Due to its storing tissues this vegetable absorbs a lot from the soil. This is his advantage. But when the soil is clogged, plus turns into a minus. Along with water the root system of plants absorbs toxins that accumulate in the fruit. A surplus of harmful substances can cause a number of health problems.


The watery nature of the cucumber can bring problems to people who suffer from edema, and kidney problems have a problem with the heart. So go easy on the cucumbers is not necessary.


The peel of the cucumber is rich in vitamins C and A, trace elements (iron, magnesium, etc.). An overabundance of vitamins, however, is also harmful. Can appear skin rash, sores, inflammation.


Rarely cucumbers are allergic, but such cases are still quite. Usually this is due to the fact that manufacturers are treated the cucumbers with a special compound that they slowly deteriorated. Often it is allergens casein and wax. Try carefully to wash vegetables, but if you know that the cucumber did not wash up, you better cut the peel.


Cucumber is recommended for proper nutrition. But always and in all it is well digested. Often this vegetable is causing bloating and flatulence. If the digestive tract and so the problem, from cucumbers should be abandoned.


An interesting study was conducted by specialists of the Academy of allergies in the United States. Scientists have found that cucumbers can cause breathing problems. This is especially true for those people who suffer from asthma.


No, they are not dangerous for pregnant women. But the bloating, laxative and diuretic effects that can cause cucumber meal, on the health is affected negatively.