Dangerous “taste of childhood”: a crust of fresh bread causes bloating

Опасный «вкус детства»: корочка свежего хлеба вызывает вздутие живота

Freshly baked bread is hard to digest and irritates the bowel.

A favorite treat of many children – crust fresh-baked bread, eaten on the way out of the store, can cause stomach problems.

The fact that freshly made bread cooking process continues until it cools down. This means that eaten a piece, when released into the gastrointestinal tract, interacts with intestinal microbes and causes fermentation. Because of this, the stomach may begin to hurt and pain, but also develop bloating.

Delicious fresh bread is hard to chew and hard to digest: in the mouth, the mass is rolled into lumps that are difficult for the body to soak digestive juices and break down. Frequent eating of just baked bread can lead to the development of gastritis and other dangerous problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Experts suggest there are “yesterday’s” bread. In addition, it is preferable to use the least harmful product kinds – grain bread or crackers.