Dangerous virus removes money from your Android smartphone

Global banks are faced with a new kind of fraud – Trojan, which is able to automatically transfer money via banking apps for Android. A new kind of malware emerged in 2019.

For the first time a new kind of attack was recorded in the spring of 2019, when the autocomplete feature has been modified a new Android Trojan Gustuff created in December 2018 Russian hacker. This virus affected banks USA, Poland, Australia, Germany and India.

How does the malware

New kinds of malicious programs have functionality that allowed them to automatically transfer money from the victim’s account through the banking app installed on a smartphone, at the expense of the attacker.

Earlier viruses for Android could only demonstrate on your device a fake window for entering the card data and to intercept an SMS message with a confirmation code of the transaction.

Where fixed the Trojan

Strong activity is a new type of virus recorded in Russia, where the affected clients at least two banks. Experts note that the functional capabilities of the new Trojans for Android are almost the same as Trojans, which voruyut account information electronic banking systems and plastic card users and sent to the attacker.

They are designed for mass infection and the maximum capitalization of the business “owners”.

Only during 2019 with the help of Trojans for the Android hackers in Russia were able to steal 110 billion (41 017 263 UAH), says the report of the Russian Group-IB.

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