Dangerous. Why less stars think about IVF?

Опасно. Почему все меньше звезд задумываются об ЭКО?

It would seem that there is a real way to have a baby, if natural way to do this for some reason does not work – IVF.

As soon as this procedure has become available to a wider audience, it began to be used. It should be noted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently noticed in the middle of planning for IVF. In Russia, however, women began to be afraid of this procedure and prefer surrogate mothers. Why?

The fact that the trend of recent years of hormonal therapy that are women before getting pregnant in this way, provokes unwanted diseases. For example, Zhanna Friske gave birth to her son Plato with IVF, and after some time she developed a brain tumor, from which Jeanne died in 2015.

Zhanna Friske died of brain cancer in 2015 the same way the birth of a child appealed Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. They are Peter Chernyshev conceived a daughter, but now Zavorotnyuk undergoing treatment for brain cancer. Family actress was not formally disclosed her diagnosis, but the medical community at the meeting with Vladimir Putin told the sick star.

Uznayvse.ru recalls that Alain Vodonaeva in one of his interviews talked about the fact that he thinks are in the future, the services of a surrogate mother, so not sure about IVF and first wants to see what will grow children who were conceived this way.

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