Dantes rolled Dorofeeva European capitals: these two elections certainly did not go

Дантес покатал Дорофееву европейскими столицами: эти двое на выборы точно не ходили

Husband Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes told about the adventures with the wife in Europe.

However, as it turned out, the lovers decided to travel through Europe, and went by train to Paris. The photo that appeared in the account Vova, he appeared on the overview of the audience in a white shirt with a black backpack on his shoulders. By the way, in this photo, fans can consider tattoos on the hands of Dantes. In the caption to the picture husband Dorofeeva told them about Nadia adventures in Europe and travel by train.

“What are you doing there? For example, we tried to move around the Europe by car or plane, and by train. Because in Europe it’s the holidays and many travel prices for air and railway tickets are very raised. This rental is touched. If you take the car in the Netherlands, and returned to Paris, then to the normal cost will add a minimum of 500€ (ordinary days, because different countries and even more festive), and it somehow WTF??! Train and airplane ~ price in one plane, but W/e that you leave the centre and come to relative center. It was fun and not boring experience. We watched 2 of the series “the Good Wife”, moved in Brussels to another train in the bar car and drank tea and here we are in Paris! Very cool birthday Nadia, I tell you. Photo by @alina_krasieva,” wrote Dantes. Fans are not passed by and began to discuss a new publication, Dantes and ask a lot of questions about the trip.