Dark matter existed before the creation of the Universe

Черная материя существовала до создания Вселенной

It turns out that the universe may consist of a matter that occurred prior to her birth. It’s possible that physicists have observed the mysterious matter in various studies, however, do not understand this.

It is likely that dark matter existed before the Big Bang, which, as is commonly believed, began the existence of our Universe. So says a scientist Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Tommy Tenkanen. And although the idea is not new, physicist and astronomer outlined a mathematical explanation that proves its authenticity, reported by Newsweek.

The study reveals a new link between the physics of elementary particles and astronomy. If dark matter consists of new particles, which were formed before the Big Bang, they could affect a unique method of distribution of galaxies in space. This condition can be used in order to reveal the essence of dark matter and to draw conclusions about the time before the Big Bang,
– says Tommy Tenkanen.

Now scientists can’t explain what it consists of 95% of the mass of the Universe. They admit the existence of hypothetical “dark” forms of matter and energy to explain large gaps in the knowledge of mankind. It is believed that dark matter may account for up to 27% of the mass of the Universe at that time, as dark energy is responsible for 68%.

“Normal” matter (i.e. what we see) accounts for only 5%. Unlike normal matter, dark not illuminated, and do not reflect or absorb light. Scientists only admit the existence of dark matter, trying to explore its apparent gravitational effect on normal matter.

Previously, scientists believed that dark matter was formed during the Big Bang which began the Universe’s existence. However, the fact that it is still not found, it may indicate the fallacy of such an assertion.

If dark matter really were the result of the Big Bang, then the researchers would have to observe the signal of dark matter in various experiments in the field of elementary particles,
– added Tenkanen.

The study Tenkanen contains the mathematical justification indicating the probability of the existence of dark matter before the Big Bang.

Physicist Alan gat believes that the Big Bang theory elegantly explains everything that happened after the origin of the Universe. But all that was before this event remains a mystery.

The theory of the inflationary universe, on the other hand, describes the explosion itself and gives hypothetical answers to such questions,
– explained the researcher.

Tenkanen says that the rapid expansion of space could lead to the creation of a large number of so-called “scalar” particles, which include the famous Higgs boson, which opened in 2012.

We don’t know what dark matter is. But if it is somehow linked to the scalar particles, then it can be older than the Big Bang
– said the scientist.

Черная материя существовала до создания Вселенной

It depicts the distribution of dark matter, galaxies and hot gas in the core of the merging galaxy Abell 520.

What is dark matter?
Dark matter is a mysterious hypothetical substance that scientists have not yet discovered. Based on observations of large structures the size of galaxies and their interpretation in the context of the Big Bang theory established that dark matter is 85% of the Universe.

Since dark matter has never been observed, if it exists, it interacts with larionovym by ordinary matter and radiation, with the exception of gravity.

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