Dark theme in iOS 13, FaceTime bug and other Apple news

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

We are here again on news of Apple gathered to talk and tell this week is really about: financial report of the company prior to the conflict, Tim cook and mark Zuckerberg. In General, it will be hot!

But let’s start with one of the main reason of the week – the Apple and took a disabled group calls FaceTime. Why? The service was discovered a bug that allows anyone to listen before he responds.

To provoke the bug, you had to call someone and not waiting to answer, press add new contact and in the opened window enter your phone number. Apple amuse to disable the server providing the operation function group FaceTime calls, but osadochek, as they say, remained. Imagine how many secrets you could hear in this way?

Ironic that the bug was discovered by users on the international day of protection of personal data, when Apple CEO Tim cook encouraged users to carefully monitor their data and protect them. Coincidence? I don’t think.

On the night of January 30, Apple reported to investors about their financial successes for the first quarter of 2019 (know that the quarter has just begun, here it is about fiscal, not calendar). In General, the Apple picked up and did not say, how much to sell iPhone, iPad and other devices. Many, probably. But check it still does not.

But the yield from services for the first time in the history of 10.9 billion dollars, and sales of Mac computers, Wearables and home devices, and accessories reached a record high. Revenue and net profit slightly fell, so that in some quarter proved to be good for Apple, and in some ways not so much.

Action, of course, immediately fell, and mommy analysts began to say that Apple is not “cake”, but here’s the thing – for a couple of hours the fall was played out. So everyone is happy (well, except for some “Twitter experts”).

Facebook this week also messed up – decided to collect user data under the guise of a harmless application, released under the corporate certificate for iOS. Journalists quickly brought Zuckerberg to clean water, and there are already harnessed Apple: decided to refuse further cooperation with the social network. Now the certificate will be revoked, and Facebook will not be able to produce enterprise software for iOS for its employees. Even dinners to a book can not, legs will have to walk!

Joking apart, the situation is really serious. Facebook with Facebook Research was to gather data of users aged 13 to 35 years. This initiative was not gratuitous and expected monthly payments to its members in the amount of $ 20. But to break the rules Apple is clearly not worth it.

Will remove if the Facebook app from the App Store? Unlikely. But we just in case took the popcorn – I wonder how it ends.

Good news for fans of the black – iOS 13 will appear dark UI mode! Well, I guess if you believe Bloomberg. It is expected that the new option will work by the same principles as in the desktop operating system macOS Mojave.

First, users will feel more comfortable working in evening and night time. Second, increase the battery life on the latest iPhone models with OLED screens. As you know, the black pixels are not illuminated on such displays, and as a consequence don’t consume battery power.

In all likelihood, iOS 13 will be presented this summer at the conference for developers WWDC 2019.

And hackers (well, almost, actually insiders) has revealed the key features of the future iPhone cameras. Apple is considering the release of the iPhone 11 Max triple camera module

Triple camera module will get older and the most expensive of the three versions of the iPhone (2019). But for what purpose, actually took such an array of cameras? In fact, he uses quite a lot. An additional lens will allow the camera to capture much more of the objects, and such an array of cameras will make a positive contribution to the work of the augmented reality technology.

But if it will look like this – thank you. And we think that jony Ive resigned from Apple and in their place put someone from Nokia.

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple

Темная тема в iOS 13, баг FaceTime и другие новости Apple