Darknet “Dream Market” now lure the FBI?

Даркнет "Dream Market" теперь приманка ФБР?

Three men were arrested this month on suspicion of involvement of one of the largest narkomaanide in a dark web called Sinmed, reports ABC News Australia. The illegal drug market conducted its business on Dream Market, which is now suspected that he compromised law enforcement and works on the technology called “pot of honey” (honey pot).

Authorities arrested three men after a two-year investigation. The investigation revealed a store with drugs, Sinmed, who worked on the dark web market, Dream Market.

During the operation, were seized a large number of drugs, including Xanax and fentanyl containing heroin and methamphetamine.

Criminals were offered drugs in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

According to Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance (Cyrus Vance) operation was of great importance.

It is not only the first time state prosecutors in new York seized the dark shop, this operation represents the largest drug seizure in the history of new Jersey.

Investigation, it seems, is part of a larger operation by the FBI, Europol and other law enforcement agencies. Sinmed although neither was specifically mentioned in the video from the FBI, but they say that it has made “61 arrest during his second coordinated operation by law enforcement agencies, the operator Sabotor aimed at manufacturing of opioids on the darknet”.

Because of the persecution of illicit drug markets on the darknet, now there are fears that the authorities will compromise the Dream Market and new drug markets.

Following the recent arrests of Dream Market – the market of drugs and illegal goods on the Internet, which operated the longest, it was announced that the market will go offline from April 30.

The home page of the website was replaced with a statement which stated that it provided its services to a partner company with the new address.onion. At the new address.onion is also argued that “it is in offline mode, and will open in the near future.”

Twitter user DarkDotFail quickly suggested that the Dream Market and its new “partner” was actually a decoy created by international law enforcement agencies. The purpose of honeypot sites is to monitor (and ultimately pursue) illegal activities such as selling drugs and other illegal goods on the Internet.

The message also angered other web commentators.

According to research on the Internet Eileen ormesby (Ormsby Eileen), the message is not accompanied by the PGP key of the owner of the website, which she considered “unusual”.

Fears of government infiltration increased when users were able for some time to withdraw bitcoin, but then it inexplicably stopped.

Ormesby expressed the opinion that it may be the tactics law enforcement agencies to track bitcoin transactions from the following sources:

It can be a symptom of law enforcement operations that attempt to track bitcoin. The weakness of the big sellers is that they are trying to turn bitcoin to cash.

No alternative Market Dream does not appear, but there are rumors that once the authorities managed to compromise the Tor network and therefore under the impact of dark markets in General.