Darlings of the Kremlin: the Russian the benefit of the Ukrainian politicians

Баловни Кремля: российские блага украинских политиков

In the elections to the Ukrainian Rada Moscow demonstratively supports the party, “the Opposition platform For life”. Its leaders want to restore relations with Russia, with which they had financial interests.

Relations between Kiev and Moscow for more than five years are in the “ice age”: countries imposed bilateral sanctions, trade has declined sharply. Between Ukraine and Russia for several years there is not even direct flights. However, some Ukrainians that does not stop regularly to visit Moscow – private flights.

Sanctions will not stop the visits to Moscow

One of the leaders of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk for the last time already several times flew to the Russian capital for meetings at the highest level. “We are ready to talk on any topic given the fact that the last time there was a lack of communication,” – said Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with Medvedchuk and other leaders of the “Opposition platform For life” on Wednesday, July 10.

The party in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Ukraine, demonstratively supported by the Russian leadership, although “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” is not the only political Association that is using in the election campaign of the Pro-Russian rhetoric. But in contrast to, for example, from the party leadership, “the Opposition bloc”, close to the richest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov, the leaders of the “Opposition platform of Pro – life is” closely linked with Moscow and business relationships.

Russian oil and fuel business Medvedchuk

The main sponsor of the “Opposition platform For life”, as specified in the reporting documents of the party, is Chairman of the Council Viktor Medvedchuk, part – time- godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2015 during active hostilities in the Donbas, which Moscow supported Pro-Russian separatists, – Medvedchuk broke probably the biggest gamble in his career as a businessman.

As found out in the past year, journalists of the Ukrainian TV show “Scheme”, a Russian company through offshore companies registered to my wife Medvedchuk received the right to develop one of the largest and most promising oil fields of Russia Gabrichevskogo field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district.

Medvedchuk denies your control over this sector, admitting that he translated it into the wife’s name due to the imposition against him of the U.S. sanctions. (After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the United States contributed Medvedchuk in the sanctions list as “long-term confidant and close friend of Vladimir Putin”. – Ed.)

How did you find Ukrainian journalists, the terms of the tender to develop the field was made in such a way that is not known to anyone until the company Medvedchuk managed to outperform even the state concern “Rosneft”. Large-scale oil production at the site of Medvedchuk in Russia will begin, presumably, in a few years.

Not so long ago in Ukraine was made public the results of investigative journalism, also pointing to the likely involvement godfather Putin to imports from Russia of liquefied gas and diesel fuel. We are talking about relationships, Medvedchuk with Israeli businessman Nisan Moses, who officially belongs to a little-known Swiss company who supply to Ukraine of diesel fuel production of the Russian company “Rosneft” – despite the fact that the sanctions of the security Council and defense of Ukraine banned the group’s trading operations in the country.

Journalists managed to find out that Moses and Medvedchuk’s close friends, and an Israeli businessman even flew from Russia on a private jet of the Ukrainian policy. Both deny the conduct of General business. According to the information base Import Genius, which analyzed the DW, only for the 2018 unknown to the General public each Medvedchuk imported to Ukraine through Belarus diesel fuel worth about a billion dollars.

Media Empire for unclear money

On the last trip to Moscow on 10 July, during which they discussed the development of cooperation “of the Opposition platform – For life” with the party “United Russia”, Viktor Medvedchuk was accompanied by Taras Kozak – another friend and colleague in the party, unexpectedly, became the owner of huge profits. In his declarations over the past few years indicated the possession of a few Cypriot firms, the scope of which is unknown.

In the last two years, Kozak bought three national Ukrainian TV channel: NewsOne, “112 Ukraina” and ZIK. According to monitoring of Ukrainian NGOs, these channels are the least balanced coverage of the current election campaign, while actively campaigning for Viktor Medvedchuk and his party.

“The Oppositional platform For life” there are high chances to take second place in the upcoming elections to the Parliament, significantly improving the result of Pro-Russian forces in 2014. If this happens, its a revenge party of Medvedchuk last but not least TV channels will be obliged Taras Kozak. Along with inter TV channel Dmytro Firtash, another one close to the Kremlin, the Ukrainian oligarchs – they are the most powerful in Ukraine information resource. And the first number in the list of the party of Medvedchuk – Yuriy Boyko, a close friend and associate of Firtash.

Gas and chemical billions Firtash

In all the campaign trips to Russia Boyko is invariably accompanied by Viktor Medvedchuk. At the meetings in the Russian capital, parties regularly discuss the issue of gas deliveries. Moscow gives to understand that in case of warming relations it is ready to sell Kiev gas at a cheaper price than that which Ukraine pays for the purchase of fuel reverse in Western Europe.

In the gas relations with Russia Yuriy Boyko versed like no other in Ukrainian politics. 15 years ago, initially taking up the post of head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, and then – Minister of energy of the country, he proposed to involve the supply of Russian fuel to Ukraine’s ambiguous intermediary: “Rue”. Within a few years, the co-owner of “RosUkrEnergo” Dmitry Firtash has become one of the richest oligarchs of Ukraine, Boyko and his loyal companions.

Firtash last five years awaiting extradition to the United States is under house arrest in Vienna. Among the entourage of the oligarch, constituting him a support group at a preliminary hearing in the Austrian capital, in addition to Boyko, you can see the other members of the party electoral list “Oppositional platform For life.” Among them – the former head of the presidential administration of Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin and his sister Yulia liovochkina, who, along with Firtash owns the largest chemical company in Ukraine.

Ostchem holding – a vivid example of how the Kremlin supports the business in Ukraine loyal to Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians. As stated in the published in 2014 investigation by the Reuters reporters, during the years of presidency of Viktor Yanukovych chemical company Firtash has saved two billion dollars, buying on special conditions for cheap gas from the Russian “Gazprom”. In addition, Gazprombank, controlled by people from the entourage of the Russian President, gave the company Firtash loans totaling more than $ 11 billion.

Баловни Кремля: российские блага украинских политиков

Баловни Кремля: российские блага украинских политиков

Баловни Кремля: российские блага украинских политиков