DARPA intends to obtain a multifunctional underwater robot

DARPA намерено получить многофункционального подводного робота

Defence research Agency, the US wants a robot that can perform the dirty work on the ocean floor.

Management of promising research projects, or DARPA, is looking for a company that can develop a robot for underwater work. Robot Angler needs to be able to act completely autonomously without any involvement of the human operator.

It is assumed that the device will be able to perform a wide range of services ranging from cabling and ending with disposal of waste remaining after launches. In addition, with the help of the military will be in a better position to look for planes and ships, castaways.

Among the requirements for Angler – the opportunity to work very close to the seabed in poor visibility conditions and hazardous terrain. Obviously, to solve all these problems the American engineers will not be easy.

DARPA – the world-famous Agency promising military developments. It was founded in 1958.