Data from more than 267 million users of Facebook into the open access

Данные более 267 млн пользователей Facebook попали в открытый доступ

In December, one of the hacker forums there was a database with personal information 267 436 million 140 thousand users of the social network. This was reported by the British research company Comparitech.

Leakage is mainly affected residents of the USA. In the Internet appeared the full names, telephone number, and unique identifier of the Facebook account.

Comparitech analysts believe that this database could be used by criminals to carry out fraudulent schemes, including phishing attacks and spam.

According to experts, the theft of data can be involved hackers from Vietnam.

Comparitech notes that the database appeared on the Internet on 4 December. 12 December it became available for download on a hacker forum. What exactly – not specified. On December 19, the database was unavailable.

Experts have not established how collected stranded data on the network. In Comparitech assume that the database was compiled automatically using tools that collect information publicly available and compiling it in one document.

Experts also assume that attackers could use the flaw in the security system of Facebook before the social network has restricted access to telephone numbers of users in 2018.

In March 2018 the New York Times reported that Cambridge Analytica in 2016 has collected personal information of 50 million users of Facebook. Chief technology officer of Facebook, Mike Schrepfer argued that the available data are 87 million people.

Cambridge Analytica tried to simulate preferences of users of social networks, showing them relevant political advertising.

In early may 2018 Cambridge Analytica announced the start of bankruptcy proceedings, stating that he had lost all the customers because of the “unfounded accusations” in the media.

Because of the violation of user privacy in October 2018, the UK authorities have fined Facebook £500 thousand, in July 2019, the Federal trade Commission, the United States imposed on the company a penalty of $5 billion.