Dava stood up for the clip “Cranes” with the participation Buzova

Дава вступился за клип «Журавли» с участием Бузовой

David Manukyan decided to stand up for the video “Cranes”, recorded with the participation of the popular singer.

The video for the song “Cranes” steam released may 9. It is clear that the video was timed to the 75th anniversary of the victory over the Nazis. In the video DAVA played the role of a Soviet soldier, and His played his lover, however not everyone liked it, moreover – for many, it angered and offended. In particular, commenters were unhappy that the characters of the video you can see their usual ornaments, and on the wrist of David and at all is Kabbalistic symbol is the red thread. Quite strange to see this on the hand of a Soviet soldier.

Buzova Manukyan However, David Manukyan decided to speak out in defense of the clip. The musician said that he did not plan to create a highly artistic product. Video, he said, cost only about 60 thousand rubles. So he responded to the arguments that the movie invested a very considerable amount. “I don’t like when they begin to find fault. If we had shot on a budget money is one thing, but when it purely for myself… Well, not like do not watch,” – says the artist.

DAVA – Cranes

Newsmir.info recalls that Manukyan and Buzova Dating for several months. Initially they concealed his novel, but in the end the secret was revealed.

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