David Axelrod performed a song by his legendary father-in-law of Nicholas Brain

Дэвид Аксельрод исполнил песню своего легендарного тестя Николая Мозгового

One of the favorites of the show “the Voice season 9” David Axelrod surprised his fans with a spectacular performance in the semi-finals. The vocalist sang the song of the legendary composer and singer Nicholas Brain.

As you know, during the first live broadcast of stellar coach Tina said Vladimir Tkachenko, who changed his name to David Axelrod, had a considerable misunderstanding with his father. Nicholas Brain was not amused by the choice of his daughter and urged her to break off the relationship. However, against all the advice of Allen Brain still married to David Axelrod.

After a creative pause, the artist triumphantly returned to the stage in the show “the Voice of the country-9”, and his star coach believes that David Axelrod is ready to perform a song of his father. Performance viewers saw on Sunday, April 14.

In this broadcast I will have, I believe, the best Ukrainian song. This will be the song artist Nikolai Petrovich Brain, – said David Axelrod.

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In addition, David Axelrod admitted that his star coach, Tina, is quite demanding. It seeks to get a perfect result not only from the wards in the “Voice of the country-9”, but from herself. Probably why her team on the project with ease receiving a standing ovation in the hall.

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