David Cronenberg received the honorary award of the Venice film festival

Дэвид Кроненберг получил почётную награду Венецианского фестиваля

Leo Mitnik

Well-known canadian Director David Cronenberg received an honorary award at the Venice film festival for contribution to cinema. A special place that is his work, said jury Chairman, Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro: “this Director has always been an important independence of art. The definition of the genre became too close, and soon he showed he will not take willingly any category, and created your own genre. David Cronenberg is not a genre Director, he’s a special genre Director.

The award – a statuette of a Golden winged lion – the Director presented the President of the Venice film festival Paolo Baratta.

Cronenberg in his speech beat the name of the festival on the Italian – Mostra: “Thank you, Guillermo, for your kind, sincere words, my brother is a monster. We are monsters, monsters of cinema and art. And this creature, this beautiful Golden lion with wings – a monster too. To me, he embodies the monster of art and truth that we now needed more than ever. So… let it be a long life of the monster art, and let him overcome all his many enemies… Thank you all.”

The audience welcomed David Cronenberg prolonged ovation.

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