Davidyuk about meeting trump and Putin: “We are fortunate that his interests coincide with ours”

Давидюк про зустріч Трампа і Путіна: "Нам пощастило, що його інтереси збігаються з нашими"

Trump will defend the security issue in Ukraine at a meeting with Russian President

About this said on air “5 channel” political analyst Nikolay Davidyuk.

The expert said: “This is the first meeting and there will be a very large number of questions. Putin will try to try to lobby the “Nord stream-2″. But trump won’t take the easy positions, i.e. those positions that are easy to hold and vglobal their interests on the continent. The only thing we are fortunate that his interests coincide with ours. So why not”.

The expert continued: “It’s two different baskets. “Nord stream-2″ is for us a joint Ukrainian question. For trump Nord Stream – an American, Russian and European issues. There Ukraine is not calculated. Ukraine was not seen in these schedules. And this is important to us because it’s our pipe loses. Another thing – politics. This is more than Ukrainian question for trump. For him internally politically important to defend it. Because of critics who will question for it to attack, more than enough.”

On the question of the leader that will demand during the negotiations Putin, danyluk said: “Putin is actually a very talented politician quoted. Its main message – I was banned, to stop the development of NATO. So when it NATO more grew up and went to all of Eastern Europe… it Turns out that all of NATO enlargement he keeps only Ukraine. And around Putin have all NATO… it seems to Me that his dream is to destroy the EU, and he will not be traded and to give something back. It will be the opposite to take, will try to increase”.

As reported 5.UA the Kremlin has launched a fake before the meeting, trump and Putin.