Davos-2019 and Ukraine discussed on the forum

Давос-2019 и Украина: что обсуждали на форуме

January 25 – last day of the world economic forum in Davos (Switzerland), which usually gathers top politicians from different countries and serves as a platform for discussing acute topics in the international arena. Tell you what issues have been raised this year and than I remember the Ukrainian officials.

What was discussed at Davos?

The world economic forum is an annual event to discuss important political and economic topics. The forum is held annually since 1971 in the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

This year, when the forum had a few weeks left, the organizers have received a number of rejections from the world’s top politicians, who decided not to attend the economic forum because of internal problems. In particular, the President of the United States Donald trump did not come because of the “shutdown”, the leader of France Emmanuel macron left to pacify the protests of “yellow jackets”, and the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may have deleted the forum from your schedule because of the decision of the question of Brexit. A number of the world’s media started talking about, has not diminished among the political elite interest in Davos.

However, the forum was attended by representatives of several other countries, including a delegation from Ukraine. From 22 th to 25-th of January, in the framework of the forum were held 350 sessions during which the participants discussed international cooperation in the era of technology development, digital economy, cryptocurrency, development of markets, cyber security, the problem of global financial risks, energy projections, problems of social inequality.

The main topic of the meeting in Davos-2019: “Globalization 4.0: building a global architecture in the era of the fourth industrial revolution”. In Davos promoted the topic of mental health, protection of the environment. In addition, the agenda was discussion of the situation in the middle East (Syria and Libya), held events and meetings on the theme of climate crisis.

Watch a video about the main topics of the forum in Davos:

Davos-2019 and Ukraine

Ukraine is traditionally the main event on the sidelines of Davos is the “Ukrainian Breakfast”, organised by businessman Victor Pinchuk. This year we also created the “Ukrainian house”.

President Petro Poroshenko on the forum talked about investments, the fight against “fakes” and cooperation with the International monetary Fund. In particular, he met with the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde, who stressed the need to accelerate reforms in Ukraine, “to ensure stable economic growth and improve the living conditions of the people.”

We continue our cooperation with the IMF. I want to thank David Lipton, Christine Lagarde, yesterday we had an outstanding meeting and discussed a specific date, and when you need – including anti-corruption court

– said Petro Poroshenko.

According to him, now we must accelerate the development of this law for the second reading in Parliament. In addition, Lagarde praised the appointment of “an independent and permanent” head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The forum emphasized that there is a threat of Russia’s intervention in the electoral process in Ukraine. He urged the US, EU and NATO to perceive it as a threat. According to Poroshenko, we are talking not only about the protection of Ukraine and of democracy throughout the world.

A Protocol was signed between the government of Ukraine and Swiss Federal Council on avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and on capital. As noted Poroshenko, it “creates favorable conditions for investors in Ukraine and Switzerland, stimulates the business initiatives of entrepreneurs and governs the international taxation of income between the States.”

Poroshenko also discussed with the President of Brazil Jairam, Bolsonaro the prospects of intensifying the trade-economic cooperation, primarily in military-technical, investment, energy, scientific-technical spheres.

With the Deputy head of China Wang Qishan,in turn, agreed to continue the development of bilateral trade-economic and investment cooperation. According to Poroshenko, this would contribute in 2019 next meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese intergovernmental Commission on cooperation.

The President also met with UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres and discussed the prospects of the deployment of the full multinational peacekeeping mission under the auspices of the UN in the Donbas. With Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel at Davos talked about the situation in the Black and Azov seas.

Angela Merkel has made another statement that directly applies to Ukraine.

Germany will continue to buy Russian gas, obviously, but we are going to diversify the supply sources and will rely on liquefied natural gas, which primarily comes from the United States,

– said the Chancellor of Germany.

Also in Davos, it was decided that Ukraine is on the shore of lake Syvash will create one of Europe’s largest wind farms. The corresponding agreement in Davos signed the Norwegian company NBT, the French company Total, Eren and the European Bank.

The documents provides for the financing of wind farm construction in the amount of 150 million euros, the total cost of the project is 400 million euros.

Poroshenko during one of his speeches in Davos compared the statement of one of candidates in presidents on a fixed price for gas with the economic program of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. Those present assumed he was referring to Yulia Tymoshenko. She, in turn, said that if the President wanted to compare it with Maduro, it would compare directly.

As explained by political expert Dmitry Chupyra in the comments of the channel 24, such a conflict on the sidelines of the forum could happen with any policy, however, this does not present our country on the positive side.

“On the international stage do not perceive politicians as versatile, and want to see a single community. Then there came the Ukrainian delegation and it would be good if representatives were homogeneous in internal Affairs. Such public debate in this arena is not very relevant. But I can’t say that it caused some kind of scandal or something similar and had no significant effect on partners. Moreover, many do not understand,” – said the expert.

Stay of the President of Ukraine in Davos, it was not without provocation. So, the journalist, dressed in a shirt, exclaimed to Poroshenko, the question is: “Why have you adopted the law about the war?”. What he advised her to “take the hill” and added that will give the answer if the question sounds in Ukrainian. Provokatorshu noted that “the President of Ukraine understands Russian language.” The conversation was stopped by security, and the journalist is deprived of accreditation. Her question concerned the recently enacted law, known as the “law on reintegration of Donbass”, which aims to bring an end to the conflict in the East of the country. Russian media in their own way interpreted the words of Poroshenko – they noted that the President of Ukraine “asked the woman to undress”.

“Lit up” on the forum and the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Igor Shevchenko. He boasted on his page in Facebook that took four free caps instead of one – for friends. He also added that he regretted that he had not taken more, but it was too late.

“I woke up at 6 am and went for the caps, but at this hour those wishing to become happy owners of the beautiful blue beanie was quite a lot. Stood in a queue I took just 4 (four) caps, more conscience would not allow. Moved 10 meters and realized that took a little”, – said Shevchenko details of the event.

He added that he was stopped by a security guard.

Social networks act the former Minister of ecology ridiculed and noted that “Yanukovych also started with hats.”

According to political expert Dmitry Cupery, it was purely a PR move on the part of the candidate.

“In my opinion it was totally attracting attention. He himself is this story told. Just a politician wants to save money on direct advertising, therefore, creates extraordinary stories about myself that are taken up by the media and actually talk about it to the audience. I think it was made in the framework of the campaign. Given the fact that Shevchenko is not fighting for victory but rather the awareness, that for him personally effectively. But it is precisely this recognition he wants, I’m not sure. It is not those actions which can boast of a politician. From the policy expect a more serious behavior. If he did something illegal with those caps there. Maybe he is preparing for the electoral campaign to the Parliament to go on parliamentary elections with a certain level of recognition,” – said the expert.

He also added that the statements of foreign politicians regarding Ukraine was very small and this is primarily due to the upcoming elections.

Now the foreign partners are wary of this due to the fact that we have the pre-election period now. Summing or guiding policy statements do not give, because it is hard to predict what will be the results of the elections and how the President and Parliament they have to work through the year. And they can understand. In order to have as close relations with all, they refrain from giving estimates or forming short-term plans

– he explained.

Давос-2019 и Украина: что обсуждали на форуме