Davydenko: Meeting with the Prime Minister, made a sad impression. We’re here to help, and they needed a piece of paper to go to the press conference

Давиденко: Встреча с премьер-министром произвела грустное впечатление. Мы пришли помочь, а им нужна была бумажка, чтобы выйти на пресс-конференцию

Businessman, ex-Deputy of the Kyiv city Council, blogger Alexei Davidenko told in the author’s program of the editor of the publication “GORDON” Alesya Batsman as he went to a meeting of business representatives with the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the fight against coronavirus infection.

“The meeting with the Prime Minister made me a sad impression, because the gathered importers, wholesalers and retailers of medicine, pharmacy. We all came from – owners – and were sure that now it will be that we are using our platforms, distribution networks and thousands of points in the cities, could become channels through which the poor people, the elderly, people with minimum wage pay, large and so forth, could get the first necessary things such as masks, gloves, disinfectants without charge, at cost, maybe even free, just using our channels,” said Davidenko.

According to him, the business was ready “to help the state to distribute”.

“We were ready to give our producers. We were ready to give our contacts. We asked that they orchestrated the importation here, and we were ready to pass it out. Unfortunately, the response we have heard the argument that let’s sign a Memorandum that all will be well. That is, we realized that the primary task – they needed a piece of paper to come to a press conference and say here we are with the business signed a Memorandum of something there. That is, the conversation was completely non-specific,” explained Davydenko.

He also noted that “pharmacies have started to scare about the fact that high prices”.

“The one big positive, which was the result of communication of business with the government, the economy here is already the second week after the meeting conducting a fantastic job to coordinate the work with the largest importers in the country and to provide the maximum amount possible advice and services, to provide free of charge cargo planes only in order to saturate the Ukrainian market with the necessary equipment and goods. It is a great merit of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of economy, and they continue daily to do,” said the businessman.

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At 10.00 am on 5 April, the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 in Ukraine is 1251, 32 people (11 men and 21 women) died. Fully recovered 25 Ukrainians.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. March 11, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the American Johns Hopkins University on April 5, the total number infected has reached nearly 1.22 million, of which more than 252 thousand was recovered, and about 66 thousand people died.