“Dawn” and “Desna” is not defined the strongest and gave the Dynamo a place in the Champions League: video

"Заря" и "Десна" не определили сильнейшего и подарили "Динамо" путевку в Лигу чемпионов: видео

"Заря" и "Десна" не определили сильнейшего и подарили "Динамо" путевку в Лигу чемпионов: видео

19 of July of “Zorya” Luhansk and Chernihiv “Desna” played in the final round of the Premier League.

Dawn – Desna 1:1

Goals: Khomchenovskyy, 53 – Budkovskyy 20

  • Imperceptibly came time to complete the regular season of the national championship. Teams from the top six managed to keep the intrigue in the fight for the final second place in the standings, which was claimed by two teams.
  • For Zoria Luhansk victory, even in the match against the team of Alexander Ryabokon opening tournament fight, if Dynamo has been able to break the defense of the “Ear” of Kovalevka. But the intrigue remained.

“Zarya” actively started the match, but luck was on the side of “Gums”. In the 11th minute strike Budkovskiy a header after a cross from the left flank sent the ball in from the left side of the gate frame Shevchenko.

And 20 minutes “northerners” has opened the account in a match – luxurious side scissors from Budkovskiy after receiving the ball on his chest in the centre of the penalty area. Assist delivery from the right flank for Hemp.

Video goals Budkovskiy

Also in the first half of the match, Pastes saved the gates of Chernigov. The goalkeeper from under the crossbar got the ball Khomchenovskyy from the left flank.

After the break the Luhansk side restored parity. Khomchenovskyy knocked the cobwebs in the left “nine” front of goal kick from the opposite corner a free-kick for a luxury arc is 1:1.

Video goals Khomchenovskyy

In a few minutes the same Bukovsky was close to bring the “Gum” forward. The crossbar, the ball hit after hitting his head from centre penalty area from the player who headed in a cross from the left flank.

At the end of the match Mickle plowed curb, ahead of Copoly in the opponent’s half, and then broke above the near top corner.

  • As a result, “dawn” and “Desna” painted the world in Zaporizhia and never changed position in the standings of the Premier League. In the adjacent match “Dynamo” suddenly lost “to Ear, but kept the handicap from the “Dawn” and won the silver medal at this season of the Premier League. Luhansk, respectively, holders of bronze medals.

Yuri Semeniuk

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