“Dawn” could not win “Alexandria” and lost the chance to take the second place: video

"Заря" не смогла победить "Александрию" и потеряла шанс выйти на второе место: видео

"Заря" не смогла победить "Александрию" и потеряла шанс выйти на второе место: видео

Lugansk “dawn” and “Alexandria” have divided points in the match of 29 Matchday of the Premier League. Sunday, July 5, the teams played out a draw in Kiev.

Dawn – Alexandria 2:2

Goals: Khomchenovskyy, 45, Yurchenko, 54 (p) – Fedorchuk, 18, Tretyakov, 76 (p)

The beginning of the match failed a large number of dangerous moments, reports 24 channel. Zarya control of the ball, but without the danger.

At the same time counter-attack “Alexandria” on the 18th minute paid dividends for the team.

Bezborodko broke through the gate of “Dawn” right wing “clocked” the defender and the goalkeeper and almost simultaneously made a pass on Luchkevych. Valeri struck the near corner with two taps.

First, Catherine Mosul disallowed the goal, but the referee VAR helped to restore justice.

Despite the missed goal game drawing has not changed: “dawn” tried to undermine the defense of the guests, and they waited for the counterattack.

The result of the tactics of the teams in the poignant moments were very few: the Luhansk could not pass through to create a threat near the gate Pankiv, but Alexandria because of the lack of ball possession simply could not organize the attack.

But naked in the locker room, “dawn” still held. Khomchenovskyy decided to strike from afar. Dmitry roundabout blow hit right into the bottom corner – 1:1.

Immediately after the break of “dawn” covered the opponent in his penalty area. Double-threat at the gate Pankiv was after either shock, or lumbago. The ball rolled along the goal line but never crossed.

In the 54th minute Monzul has appointed a penalty in gate of visitors, taking advantage of the system VAR. Vantuh in the penalty knocked Kabaeva – an obvious violation of the rules. Hit the mark confidently converted Yurchenko.

Very quickly the team of Viktor Skripnik could increase the advantage. Bondage shot from distance, but the ball flying under a crossbeam, reflected Pankiv.

In the 68th minute Yurchenko was close to double. Khomchenovskyy delivered a cross from the right flank at Vladlena, who punched in touch. Yurchenko a little not enough to get in the gate and create a masterpiece.

Alexandria replied very sharply in the 72 minute. Vantuh from an acute angle struck powerfully, but Macapure hit the ball.

At the 75th minute Monzul has appointed a penalty already in gate “Dawn”. Abu Hannah knocked Masta during impact Antoha. Hit the mark confidently converted Tretyakov.

Within one minute, “Alexandria” had two opportunities to be different. First Gritsuk struck the side with a pair of scissors after I’ve Banadi.

And then Zadiraka insidiously shot from the right flank and the ball hit the post. This Macapure already left the goal line.

In the extra 7 minutes none of the teams did not pull out a win – a draw 2:2.

Dawn – Alexandria video of the match

  • Because of the draw of “dawn” has a chance to take the second place. Now “dawn” is the fourth and plays “Dynamo” and “Desna” one point.
  • Alexandria continues to be at 5th position and lost the chance for the rewards of the Premier League season 2019/2020.

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