“Dawn” on the road defeated Kolos: the first goal Rusina, incredible blow Ledneva (video)

"Заря" на выезде победила "Колос": дебютный гол Русина, невероятный удар Леднева (видео)

Kovalevsky “ear” in the match against Zarya Lugansk on Sunday, August 11, suffered their first defeat in the championship. “Dawn” got a boost of confidence before the match of Europa League.

Spike – Dawn 1:3
Goals: Kostyshin, 34 – Lednev, 27 Rusin, 45 + 1, Kabaev, 46

“Dawn” the week was played away match of the Europa League, when Bulgaria managed to paint draw with CSKA. Therefore, since the beginning of the match, “spike” took the initiative. Double-threat attack was carried out by frost. But we played confidently in goal Shevchenko.

To score a goal, the hosts could after hitting Gavrish from a free kick. But the ball hit the wall.

To punch a penalty showed Lednev. The player struck a powerful free kick and the ball flying wide of the wall and flew into the corner Yashkova.

However, Kolos equalized. Another attack through the left flank, unsuccessful attempt of the shot and the ball flies into Kostishin. The son of the head coach “Ear” at this moment he was alone before the gates of “Dawn”, and successfully punched in protivohod goalkeeper.

But before the break of “dawn” came forward. When was the first added minute, Mickle clocked up on the flank opponents, hung at the far post. There was rock, which he could penetrate. Instead, he dropped the ball, and Rusin, who spent his debut match for “Dawn”, headed it into the goal.

And when started the second half, Rusin helped to score the third goal in gate “Ear”. The goalkeeper made a mistake when I introduced the ball, it was intercepted by the striker entered the penalty area and gave the ball to Kabaeva. The latter remains in touch to send the ball into the goal, which he did.

After that, the game calmed down. Zarya tried to play in the economy mode, because on Thursday it expects a return match against CSKA. Teams created a few chances, but a goal they were not the problem for goalkeepers is not created.

Zarya wins and moves to second in the standings. But played only three rounds of the championship.