Day in history 16 years ago took place the famous battle Vitali Klitschko – Lennox Lewis: video

День в истории – 16 лет назад состоялся знаменитый бой Виталий Кличко – Леннокс Льюис: видео

16 years ago, on 21 June 2003, in the arena “Staples Center” in Las Vegas (USA) hosted an epic battle between WBC champion Briton Lennox Lewis and Challenger for the title Ukrainian Vitaly Klitschko. The referee stopped the tough opposition in the break before the seventh round due to numerous injuries on the face of Klitschko and has fixed a victory of Lewis by TKO.

This fight might not be. Lennox Lewis was supposed to fight kirk Johnson and Vitali Klitschko and Cedric Boswell. But shortly before the fight Johnson was injured, and Klitschko agreed to replace him in a fight with the WBC champion.

Boxing fans in Los Angeles took a change of opponent with enthusiasm. 10 days before the fight on the show only sold 4,500 tickets, and after the announcement that a new rival Lennox Lewis will become the first number of rating WBC Vitali Klitschko 10,000 tickets were sold within four hours.

Klitschko was more aggressive in the beginning of the match and managed to take many powerful blows. Subsequently, Vitaly somewhat tired, and Lewis himself began to punch accented.

After the cut Vitaly got too much, the referee stopped the fight. Ukrainians put on the face of 60 stitches. Doctors said that the Ukrainian could lose her vision if I continued the fight.

On the cards of all judges after the sixth round, it was at this time in battle of this level announced interim results, Klitschko was leading by the same score of 58:56.

День в истории – 16 лет назад состоялся знаменитый бой Виталий Кличко – Леннокс Льюис: видео

Judges note fight Klitschko – Lewis at the Museum of achievements Klitschko Brothers in Kiev / Michael Gema

Vitali for this fight earned $ 1.4 million. The fee Lennox Lewis totaled 7 million dollars. The fight with Klitschko was last in the career of the legendary British. On 6 February 2004 he announced his retirement. Vitaly in the future, repeatedly challenged him to fight a rematch, but Lewis did not agree to this idea.

Klitschko on April 24 2004 won the vacant WBC belt, knocking out the South African Corrie Sanders. Then lot of times it is defended.