Day of silence before elections: What is it and what are the violations

День тишины перед выборами: Что это такое и какие бывают нарушения

In the night of Saturday, March 30 begins a day of silence before presidential elections in Ukraine. On this day, the law prohibits any election campaign, and voters can decide on their choice without any influence. But about all under the order.

The required materiel

Day of silence – a day when the law prohibits any election campaign. In Ukraine the campaign ends at 24:00 of last Friday before election day (in 2019, this date falls on March 29). Agitation before re-voting (second round of elections) starts from the day following after the re-vote, and ends at 24:00 of last Friday before the day of repeat voting (April 19).

Does not apply day of silence in the dissemination of information directly about the ongoing elections, calling to take part in them, explaining legislative voting.

The objective of the day of silence is to provide each voter a independence of choice to protect from possible accidental impacts of any materials, psychological pressure. The same purpose is introduced and a ban on the publication of the results of public opinion polls, which can influence the actions of voters.

But in order to understand what is prohibited on the day of silence, you need to understand that, in principle, is electioneering in our country.

The election campaign in Ukraine

The law “On elections of President of Ukraine” election campaign is defined as the implementation of any activities to encourage voters to vote for or not to vote for a certain candidate for President of Ukraine.

Election campaigning may be conducted in this format:

– meetings with voters;

– rallies, marches, demonstrations, pickets;

– organizing public debates, discussions, round tables, press conferences;

– political advertising in printed and audiovisual (electronic) mass media: speeches, interviews, essays, videos, audio clips, and video clips;

– distribution of electoral cards, posters and other printed agitation materials or printed editions;

– the placing of printed campaign media outdoor advertising;

– concerts, performances, sport competitions, demonstration of films and television programs or other public events with the support of the party – subject of electoral process or a candidate for President of Ukraine, as well as the disclosure of information about such support;

– public appeals to vote for or not vote for a candidate for President of Ukraine or public evaluation of a candidate for President of Ukraine;

– installation of information booths.

To the election campaign are not official communications during the election process (without comments which may be of campaign nature, as well as video, audio, photography, photo illustrations) about the actions of candidates on a post of the President of Ukraine related to the performance of their official (service) powers.

Printed campaigning materials shall contain information about the institution which carried out the printing, circulation, information on persons responsible for production and customer related materials.

It is forbidden:

1) distribute the materials containing calls to liquidation of independence of Ukraine, change of constitutional order by violent means, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of state, undermining its security, illegal seizure of state power, propaganda of war, violence and incitement of ethnic, racial, religious enmity, encroachment on the rights and freedoms of man, health of the population;

2) spread false information about the candidate;

3) to conduct election campaigning, which is accompanied by granting to voters of cash or free of charge or on preferential terms goods, services, works, securities, credits, lotteries.

Violations and responsibility

According to the article 212-10 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences, conduct pre-election campaign outside the time frame in prohibited or undesignated areas of the law, punishable by a fine on citizens from 30 to 50 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 510-850) and on officials – from 50 to 80 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 850-1360).

День тишины перед выборами: Что это такое и какие бывают нарушения

День тишины перед выборами: Что это такое и какие бывают нарушения

День тишины перед выборами: Что это такое и какие бывают нарушения